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    Global Business: Multinational Firm

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    Throughout this course you will be looking at a global business.

    Select a multinational company to study. It is a good idea to select a company that has substantial public information available online. Select companies from the USA or other countries.

    Do NOT select one of the companies featured in the case assignments (E-Bay; Domino's; Nissan; Ace Hardware; Starbucks).

    Assist in writing a paper about this company:

    Identify the company and summarize its profile.

    Describe its international activities (the company website is an excellent source of information).

    What market entry mode does your chosen company use when considering entry into an overseas market? Why do they prefer that entry mode not others?

    What is your company's major international strategy and why that strategy?

    Do strategic choices differ depending on country? Why?

    Please make sure to use Tips for Good Writing and to use an Introduction, Main Body, and Conclusions. Use Headings and Titles.

    In each module you will be asked to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the modular topic by applying the issue of the module to your selected company.

    Sources which will help you find examples and information on your selected company and its international functions: Company website; Google or Bing general search engines; Business news periodicals on line versions (e.g. Business Week, Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, New Work Times, etc.). Example of a Google search: enter company name and SLP topic, such as "Starbucks international operations".

    Remember, this is NOT a term paper due at the end of the course. Rather, this is done module by module.

    Assignment Expectations

    Select a multinational firm (from USA or any other country) for your SLPs for BUS401.
    Write 4 pages about that firm's international activities and the type(s) of international strategy with examples from various countries your firm operates in.
    Be sure to select a multinational business, not a not-for-profit or government entity.
    Reference a few sources to be sure there is sufficient information on the Internet to deal with the following: International HRM; International finance; International strategy; Cultural challenges and issues.
    List supporting references and cite sources.
    Use appropriate writing style (organization, grammar, & spelling - see Writing Guidelines).

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    The operations and the successes of a corporation are marked by its activities. The Walmart Company has met the needs of the clients in the target market through the perfect mix of its low pricing strategy, great corporate culture, great leadership strategies and perfect market entry strategy (Lynch, 2010).

    Walmart Company and the Summary of Its Profile:

    Walmart is known globally as the largest discount retail store in the world. This is a corporation that was first opened by in the year 1962 by two entrepreneurial brothers; Sam and Bud Walton. The company has since grown to have more than 635 stores in diverse regions with more than 225 company associates in each store. The tremendous growth of the company has been based on the customer satisfaction value of the organization that was promoted by the founder as the organization that helps the clients to save money. The strategy is aimed at making the lives of the clients to be better. All this is founded on the corporate culture of the organization that holds great moral respect for the employees and the esteemed clients of the company. This has made the company to top the fortune 500 company list consistently for many years. At the core of every rule in the organization, the main focus is on the great value of the esteemed customers, the company associates, the suppliers and the diverse publics of the corporation (Global Strategy, 2010).

    The open door policy of the organization is critical due to the open communication that exists between the publics of the company. The sundown rule which has made the corporation to embrace the needs of the customers in time has increased the trust levels of the clients to the organization. The servant leadership technique embraced by all the employees of the company as well as the associates has led to the creation of a wonderful morale that has increased the profit ...

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    The solution selects a multinational company to study, and discusses its international activities, market entry mode, major international strategy, and cultural challenges and issues.