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Pricing Strategy for Sustainable Green Products

A company is dealing with sustainable green products in Dubai with objectives to grow selectively with high profit margins. The sustainable green products are very distinctive and buyers will be less price-sensitive while using such product. The company is experiencing less competitors in the market In your opinion what pricing strategy the
company shall adopt and why? What pricing method is most suitable for the company? Explain how prices are set to reflect an organisation's objectives and market conditions.

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For this particular product, I would think a Value-Based pricing strategy would work best for the organization. This method prices the product according to the value it will illicit for the customer. Since the company doesn't seem to experiencing much competition and the customers are willing to pay for the value of the product, it makes the most sense. This type of pricing strategy is usually the most profitable but can be tricky to ...

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A discussion regarding a pricing strategy for sustainable green products in Dubai including the pricing method and how prices reflect an organization's goals and market conditions. 248 words, 1 reference.