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VF Corporation, Greensboro, NC - Competitive Strategy

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I need help identifying the overall competitive strategy (low-cost, differentiation, etc.) of the VF Corporation and creating a comprehensive analysis using their competitive strategy. Also, how does VF's strategy assist in addressing competitive forces (from vendors of substitutes, from new competitors, from exiting rivals) and bargaining forces (power of suppliers, power of customers)?

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A competitive strategy for VF Corporations in Greensboro, NC are provided.

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Competitive Strategy
VF Corporation is one of the major cloth manufacture companies of US. Currently, company deals in branded lifestyle apparel and footwear with the focus on differentiation competitive strategy. Company has diversified portfolio of powerful and global brands that helps the company to achieve competitive advantage over other competitors. The differentiation competitive strategy is based on the six growth drivers that help the company to get success, build lifestyle brands, expend business internationally and serve the customer directly (Hill & Jones, 2012). The competitive strategy also helps the company to make innovation in product and offer these products in order to improve the lifestyle of customers in positive way.

The differentiation strategy is also ...

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