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    Internet Service Providers & Breast Cancer

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    Please help with the following two statistics problems.


    (Complete problems also found in attachment)


    1. Two Internet Service Providers (ISP) in Greensboro, NC area compete for customers. In order to select the better provider, we want to test whether there is a difference in the proportion of times a customer is able to access the Internet. We have attempted to connect to the server of the first provider 500 times, and were able to access the Internet on 455 occasions. Then we attempted to make a connection with the second provider, and were able to connect on 344 of 400 trials. At the 0.05 significance level, is there a difference in percentages of success between these two ISPs?

    2. Recent medical research demonstrated there is a strong (r=.60) correlation between the excessive weight and incidences of breast cancer. How can we interpret this statement? Can we say that excessive weight is the leading cause of breast cancer? How confident can we be about the strength of the relation between these two variables? Can we conclude that the correlation observed on the sample is also the population correlation coefficient?

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