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    Marketing Strategy

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    Port of Oakland's Uncertain Future

    Hello, I am analyzing a case study on the Port of Oakland and am a little confused. I was wondering if you could help me with the following questions: 5. What is uncertain about the future? a. Concerning trade with Asia? b. At the Port of Oakland itself? c. In other ports? d. In Panama? e. In

    Competitive advantage through distribution

    Competitive Advantage through Distribution 1) What is your opinion on the questions below? Wal-Mart is typically characterized as offering a "distribution advantage" in comparison to other retail chains. What are the sources of that advantage? How might an independent grocer or hardware store do to establish and maintain a

    Census Information of Cook County

    The marketing firm has a request from a development company that wants to know which specific businesses the stores should be leased to a new 5-store strip mall (small businesses) to be established within the Cook County community. I just don't seem able to put it together. I need help in understanding the analysis and interp

    Brand Equity Dimensions

    Can someone please help explain how each of the three brand equity dimensions provides value to a firm? Also, can you help explain how they provide value to the customer?

    Pepsi and Market Segmentation

    I need help with the questions below. Please explain in at 250 words for each question so I understand the concepts of segmentation. I believe if I can grasp the concept, I can write about the topic. This is about Pepsi Cola (soft drink) targeting the market within the U.S. Which variables should your firm use to segment its

    Market development and expansion

    1) Evaluate a market opportunity for a firm. Give specific examples of the dimensions you would use to determine the attractiveness of a given market. 2) Describe and give examples of a well-developed business strategy including the four characteristics. 3) Describe product expansion. How could this be used in the workplac

    Synergy and its sources

    Can someone please define synergy and provide sources of synergy? Give examples please. Also, consider three industries, such as hotels, appliances, or computers. For three firms within the industry, what value propositions are representing their strategy? Were there multiple propositions? Evaluate. Are they successful or likely

    Developing Desires Through Marketing

    Does marketing convince consumers to develop new desires about products and services they do not need or does it just identify and respond to pre-existing consumer needs? Explain your answer.

    Considerations in promoting controversial products

    What are the most fundamental considerations in promoting socially controversial products? (i.e. cigarettes) What is the role of the marketer? What is the marketers responsibility? Who determines what is a bad product?

    Marketing variables and strategy implementation

    Hello, I have a project with the topic of marketing variables and their impact on the strategy-implementation efforts. I'm looking for 200-300 words about the two variables that are central to the process and why they are so important. I appreciate the head start.

    Non-Profit Organizations Marketing Techniques

    Many non-profit organizations such as universities, churches, government agencies, and charities, are using marketing techniques very similar to the ones used by traditional businesses. Do you approve of this, and are there any issues related to this practice that you would like to raise?

    Global Strategy Vs. Multi-Country Strategy

    Log on to http://www.cat.com/ and search for information about "Caterpillar's strategy" in foreign markets. Is the company pursuing a global strategy or a multi-country strategy? Support your answer.

    Completing a Marketing Campaign

    You have a meeting next week with the Sales and Marketing director to determine the marketing people that will be on your project team. They will focus on completing the marketing campaign deliverables (advertising, customer newsletter, trade show) to prepare for the upgraded product launch. In preparation for the meeting, you a

    Fleming Companies' turnaround strategy

    Consider the following portrayal of the turnaround strategy employed by Fleming Companies, which at the time, was the largest U.S. distributor of consumer-packaged goods to retailers of all sizes and formats. Dozens of manufacturers that used Fleming as a channel for distributing their products to supermarkets and grocery re

    The role of Internet in marketing research

    1. How is the Internet changing the field of marketing research? 2. Who would you say had the greatest responsibility within the marketing research industry to raise the standards of ethics - market research suppliers, market research clients, or field services? Why? 3. What can researchers do to increase the chances that deci

    Technology innovation and product cycle time

    1. Should companies seek to reduce product cycle time and, if so, what techniques can be used to do so? 2. Why is Technology Innovation an important part of a Technology Strategy and how is the Technology strategy different from the Business Strategy? 3. Discuss the role of the various Groups of Adopters on the Product Lif

    Crafting a Strategy

    Crafting a strategy a. Puts a premium on management's ability to exhibit astute entrepreneurship because of the constantly evolving nature of a company's situation. b. Is primarily an entrepreneurial activity that calls for taking risks, being a keen observer of customer needs and expectations, watching for early warnin

    Developing a realistic marketing plan for a client

    Work as a marketing consultant to develop a feasible marketing plan for your client. Conduct both secondary (search secondary sources) and primary research (interview customers or conduct surveys) to glean the necessary information for your marketing plan. When conducting primary research, collect only qualitative data (i.e., pe

    Challenges Faced by Marketers

    1. Provide a recent example of a product you purchased that demonstrates marketing as an exchange relationship. Analyze the 4Ps as it relates to this purchase's exchange relationship. 2. Make an argument for the most important and the least important aspect of the 5Cs. 3. Determine the challenges marketers currently face with

    Diversification in Different Strategies

    I need help in completing a paper, the focus of the paper is diversification. Include two examples of two diversification strategies, as well as when related diversification would be a good strategy to pursue.

    Competing in Several Niche Markets

    In your opinion, do larger corporations in several niche markets stand a better chance at competing than a company that has one sole niche? Could you explain me why? Also, do you believe it to be a harder task to determine the profitability of opening a niche market business than a business who has a broad consumer/customer base

    Strategic Management - Grand Strategy Matrix

    Hello, I am really struggling with this one... Can you please help me to better understand the grand strategy matrix vs the Boston Consulting Group Matrix (BCG)? I need 4 to 5 paragraphs to the following questions with references to get me started. Grand strategy matrix - explain this matrix' advantage and disadvantage.

    Guidance for the iphone 6

    I need help looking at issues, goals, and marketing strategy of the iPhone 6. Please see the attachment.

    Are Marketing Departments Crossing the Line?

    I have a question that involves privacy issues. It is the job of the marketing division to analyze through market research what the customers wants and needs are but are they going to far today by tracking everywhere you go and what you purchase? For example your smartphone sends out signals constantly that companies can pick up

    SWOTT analysis and strategic choices

    Step 1: Create a 5x5 table with the four strategies listed across the top and the four SWOT variables at left as follows for Kraft Foods Group: Low cost Differentiation Focus Preemptive Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats