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Marketing Strategy

Concepts in Strategic Marketing

You are the VP of Marketing for a new electric car company. Your company has the capacity to produce a high-powered sports car; a low-cost, golf-cart-like commuter car; a mid-price family sedan; and a taxicab. How would you decide on which product(s) to launch first in order to establish your company as the leading electric car

Pricing Strategy in a Global Market

What strategies should be considered if a small business is setting prices for a product that is to be exported? How are these strategies different from those used in a domestic market?

Strategic Concepts in Marketing

Using the Internet, television, radios, or a magazine, find a recent ad for a product/service that interests you. Explain how the ad is promoting the product/service. What strategies do you see the company using to make this product/service appear desirable? Is the ad's promotion effective? Reference.

Preying Upon Ignorance in Marketing

In your opinion when marketers use their knowledge of specific target markets, such as minorities, do they prey upon their weaknesses and possible lack of information and exploit them for their gain? Please support your answer with relevant examples.

Foregin Market Entry Strategy for Target

Because entering a new market requires an investment of time and money, and because of the strategic implications of the entry mode, selection must be done carefully. Choose a large and/or international company and explain how you would suggest they move into the country you are writing about.

Marketing Strategy for a New Product Category

Imagine you have been promoted to a brand manager for a frozen pizza. The promotion is a challenge being that sales for the pizza have gone backward three years in a row. Assess what you will need to know or what questions need to be answered before you can size up what is not working about the current strategy. Decide on a c

Changing Marketing Strategy for Netflix

Chose a company that you feel needs a tweak to its marketing strategy and recommend a change. Provide a rationale for your recommendation. In 2011, Netflix made two major blunders that impacted the number of subscribers, revenue, and the stock price: the separation of the DVD business and the increase in subscription fees. As

Saving One Child at a Time Marketing Plan

Continuation of Part 1 Complete the following for your marketing plan: Determine the pricing strategy you will employ along with your justification. Perform a breakeven analysis to determine how many customers you will need to make your business financially viable. Outline your distribution strategy. Determine if there ar

Foundation Skills for Business Leaders

> Explain why you chose this business (Starbucks Coffee). > Identify at least two academic resources from the Library (see attachments) that you will use; along with any other creditable sources you find, to support your strategy recommendation. Look for resources that address the use or future use of the Web in your business

Trends in a Company

Trends can tell you many things about the market and the way you should market your product. For example, a company must understand and brace themselves once the market constantly tells them a recession is coming. Do you know of a company which listen to the trends? How does a company use its trends?

Pricing Strategy for Sustainable Green Products

A company is dealing with sustainable green products in Dubai with objectives to grow selectively with high profit margins. The sustainable green products are very distinctive and buyers will be less price-sensitive while using such product. The company is experiencing less competitors in the market In your opinion what pricing

Financing and Marketing a Business

Please help with the following: - Identify the pros and cons of partnership as a form of ownership. - Discuss funding options for small businesses. - Determine and discuss how managerial accounting can help managers with product costing, incremental analysis, and budgeting. - Discuss the basic components of the marketing pro

Marketing Research in the Business World

Reflect and describe which key concepts and topics in Marketing Research have made you a stronger candidate to enter the business world? How has Marketing Research enhanced your career in Business?

Access to Personal Data and Transmitting Information

A study completed by the French National Commission on Computing and Liberty (CNIL), identified a number of apps that access user's personal data and transmit information back to remote servers. What are some of the implications for businesses choosing a marketing strategy that allows them access to user information via data gat

A Discussion On Market Segmentation

Companies segment their markets based on different characteristics. Think of your particular situation. Pick any product you have purchased or a company you have purchased a product from. Discuss if perhaps you belong to particular segment and how the company reached you to enable a purchase. Remember that there are many ways to

Segmentation: Grocery Store Product

Pick an aisle in a grocery store; for example, the cereal or snack aisle, or a specific food (yogurt or baby food, etc.). Analyze the segments that are targeted and be detailed in your response. Provide your rationale with your answer. Using the same product category, predict what products in your category will be replaced

Decision Science - Game Theory

1. The Army is conducting war games in Europe. One simulated encounter is between the Blue and Red Divisions. The Blue Division is on the offensive; the Red Division holds a defensive position. The results of the war game are measured in terms of troop losses. The following payoff table shows Red Division troop losses for eac

Creating a Product for Chosen Target Market

Submit a product you want to bring to market. Be sure to describe the product or service, the target market you envision reaching, and the problem your product or service solves for the target market. This should be a problem that is not currently being sufficiently addressed by current solution providers, i.e., your competition

Employee Talent Segmentation: Benefits & Drawbacks

The case study question: Talent segmentation has received a lot of attention in recent years as organizations have pursued the greatest return on every investment. What are the benefits and drawbacks to this approach?

Marketing Research Strategy

My group has started a new international microcomputer company (it's a game); so far, we have not taken the appropriate strategies. For example in marketing, our two brands have received, from our customer segments, poor rating in advertising. Even though we spent a lot of money, the customers prefer our competitor's brands.

Secondary Data: Domestic Marketing Strategy

Assume the role of a Marketing Research for McDonald's. Visit the website of the Bureau of Census. Write a brief summary about the secondary data available from the Bureau of Census that might be useful for the purpose of formulating a domestic marketing strategy.

Marketing Research Study: Cola Taste Test - Pepsi, Sam's Choice and Coca-Cola

The case study was: Assume you are reviewing the research data from a cola taste test. Each participant in the experiment first tasted two ounces of Coca- Cola; then two ounces of Pepsi-Cola; and then two ounces of Sam's Choice Cola. A rating of each cola's flavor was made after each taste using a 10-point scale. 1. Assess w

Service driven strategies

Does a service-driven strategy promote company growth or retain customers? Will a growth or a retention outcome dominate, and why? Use examples from your own region to illustrate your analysis.

Supporting Information on Starbucks Coffee Company

Research the Starbucks Coffee organization and analyze its marketing strategy by analyzing the following specific areas: customer (client) satisfaction, product development, promotional, message and media, pricing, distribution, branding.