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Census Information of Cook County

The marketing firm has a request from a development company that wants to know which specific businesses the stores should be leased to a new 5-store strip mall (small businesses) to be established within the Cook County community.

I just don't seem able to put it together. I need help in understanding the analysis and interpretation from Census data.

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The Census data of Cook County gives some important pointers. The proportion of Black or African Americans alone is 24.8% whereas the Illinois proportion 14.8%. This means that Cook County has a larger proportion of blacks/African Americans. American Indian and Alaska native are 0.8% whereas the Illinois average is 0.6%. Asian alone percent is 6.7% whereas the Illinois average is 5.0%. Hispanic or Latino percent is 24.6% whereas the Illinois average is 16.3%. At the same time White alone, is 43.4% whereas the Illinois average is 63.0% percent. The interpretation of these figures is that the population of Cook County is more diverse than that of Illinois. Other notable facts are that median value of owner occupied housing units in Cook County is $256,900 whereas the Illinois average is $198,500. The interpretation of this difference is that people in Cook County spend more on owner occupied housing. Further non employer establishments are ...

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