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Demographics for Ocala, FL

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Research other timely sites that give thorough demographic or census information. Choose an area that interests you, maybe the city (Indianapolis, Indiana) or zip code where you live, and research the demographics of the area using relevant and timely sources.

Identify the varieties of national heritage, language spoken at home,socioeconomic level, educational level, family size, and religion that are represented in the area you are researching and explain the demographics of this area and the intercultural communication implications they demonstrate.

Part 1-The first section of the essay should attentively describe the demographics in specific detail.
Part 2- The second section should comprehensively explain the implications based on the readings in the textbook and the observations in the research.

Finally, thoughtfully respond to what you have discovered from the readings:

How did you respond to the results?

What are some of the possible intercultural communication opportunities locally?

Do you need to learn more about the people in your area or the language they speak in order to communicate with them?

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I have outlined a response for you . I also included three different alternatives to the census, though all of them are census based. You will see that the overwhelming population where I live are white. This includes the business leaders and elected officials. Most of the judges in the community are also white, a majority of them male. The entire community has a traditional culture based on white male dominance, though Indian culture and some black culture is important. The Indians are good at promoting their interests and they make an impact at diversity based events. They also have events to which they invite the public to come and learn. The black culture is most evident during elections and during the month of January and February. A large portion of the poverty level population is black, as seen through observation. There is also a very large elderly population, with people over 55 being an extremely large part of the public and this group creates a need for hospitals, doctors, and commercial enterprises that serve the older person.

Demographics Ocala, FL

The population of Ocala, Florida is, as of the last census, 56,315. This is a 23.4% increase from the last census in 2000. The male to female ratio is 0.9 to ...

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A look at the demographics of Ocala, Florida and what they mean in terms of community and populations.