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Assessment and Improvement Phases

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Phase 1 (Assessment Phase)

Briefly describe the organization you have selected for the SLP, discuss where the unit responsible for logistics is located in the organizational chart, briefly describe the duties and responsibilities of the logistics unit, and note the level of recognition senior management gives the unit.

Phase 2 (Improvement Phase)

Assess how and if logistics operations could be more effectively and strategically integrated into the organizational structure (Phase 2).

Assignment Expectations

The expectations for the assignment focus on the work displaying an in-depth understanding of the unit responsible for logistics, the responsibilities of the unit, and the placement of logistics in the organizational chart of the reference organization. Specific elements of the assignment assess the selection feasibility and rationale that the case study organization will support the two phases of the SLP exercise. It is also expected that the work will show critical thinking skills in evaluating the current placement of logistics in the reference organization and how logistics might be more effectively integrated into the organizational structure.

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Phase 1
The organization that I have selected to discuss where the unit responsible for logistics is located in the organizational chart is SanMar Corporation. The company is a leading supplier of wholesale clothing and accessories. The particular unit that we wish to discuss is the warehouse of SanMar Corporation located at Jacksonville, FL. The unit is located at 10940 New Kings Road, Jacksonville, FL 32219. The company is a leading supplier of 17 retail and private apparel brands. Its customers include screen printers, embroiders, promotional product distributors, and industrial launderers. The company has six national distribution centers. The duties and responsibilities of the Jacksonville, FL ...

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