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A company's operating process

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Copia Electronics makes speaker systems. Its customers range from new hotels and restaurants that need specifically designed sound systems to nationwide retail outlets that order large quantities of similar products.

The following activities are part of the company's operating process:

New retail product design
Purchasing of materials
Assembly Labor
Retail product marketing
Building repair
Assembly line setup
Unique system design
Retail sales commission
Building security
Unique system packaging
Bulk packing of orders
Facility supervision

Classify each activity as unit level (UL), batch level (BL), product level (PL), or facility level (FL)

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The following posting helps with a management accounting problem. This solution helps describe activities that are part of company's operating process.

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Problem: Classify each activity as unit level (UL), batch level (BL), product level (PL), or facility level (FL)


New retail product design - PL
Purchasing of ...

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