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Marketing Strategy

Market Research for BIPAC

I need some help getting started on the following: Fully critique the 2008-2009 Market Research Report for BIPAC. In your critique, determine and identify the research design that appeared to be used in the Market Research Report. Evaluate the data collection methods used for both the quantitative and qualitative data. While

International marketing - segments and research

How might a market be segmented? Why is it important to segment a market? What is the difference between a segment and a niche? Is it possible to have a market segment of one individual? If so, how? If not, why not? What are the goals of marketing research? Why is marketing research important? What are some of the different

Assessing New Market Risk

What do you feel is an appropriate method to assess the risks in order to determine if a new market will be a good opportunity? How do you fully research this market that could be unfamiliar to the company?

Australian Promotion - Product Market Segment

Identify two different promotional materials from Australian websites, Australian online newspapers or any other form of Australian promotion and provide them (via pdf) or provide the URL . Describe the market segment that you think each is targeting and the methods of segmenting the market that this would reflect.


Discuss the impact of changes in the size of the 18-24 age group on marketing strategy planning in the United States. What are some specific marketing strategies that result from this change? You are required to use at least your textbook as source material for your response. All sources used, including the textbook, must be

Marketing Strategy: The Four Ps

Discuss how to achieve an effective marketing strategy through creating a marketing mix. Be sure to include a review of the four P's of marketing strategy

The American Society: Families and Households

Pick two (2) stages in the household life cycle. Describe how your marketing strategy for the following would differ depending on which group was your primary target market. -Minivan -Razors -Broadway show -Casino Describe two (2) types of activities or situations in which mod

Marketing Strategy for Nike Sports

Sports figures and sponsorships play a major role in the marketing plan. What aspects of marketing should be included in the strategy for Nike sports? Name other factors that should be included in the strategy?

Free Trade as a Net Value Producer or Destroyer

1. Do you see free trade as a net value producer or destroyer? Why or why not? 2. With respect to Eastman Kodak, what opportunities exist in terms of reconciling its global strategy with national differentiation? E.g. are the competitive forces the same at home and abroad?

How Does Market Segmentation Help Marketers

The major segmentation variables for consumer markets are geographic, demographic, psychographic, and behavioral. How does market segmentation help marketers? Think of three products and/or services that you see in advertisements (television, print, etc). What are the products and/or service, and who do you think they are target

Analyzing Evaluation Instruments Used in Research

1. You have been asked by the head of marketing to design an instrument by which your private, for-profit school can evaluate the quality and value of its various curricula and courses. How might you try to ensure that your instrument has: a. Stability (or test-retest reliability) b. Equivalence c. Internal consistency

Holiday Inn on Six Continents

Please see attached Closing case, then answer the following questions: 1.) How did Holiday Inn's business model and strategies change over time? 2.) What are the strategies behind the Six Continents Hotels current business model? In what ways it is trying to improve its competitive advantage?

Strategic Marketing - Strengths & Weaknesses of Apple's iPhone

Explain the Strengths and/or Weaknesses of Apple's iPhone 4S and Opportunities and/or Threats to the financial future of Apple's iPhone 4S. (1) Review the pricing strategies described in the Background readings. Given Apple's iPhone 4S positioning and targeting strategy for your product,which of the pricing strategies descr

Generic strategies model

As a newly promoted vice president (VP), your chief executive officer (CEO) has invited you to participate in this year's upcoming strategic planning session. You know that this will be high-level type planning versus the more routine type planning you have done in the past. To prepare for this, you have done some research and n

Creative Use of Emotional Appeals

One of the ethical questions regarding healthcare marketing is the use of emotional appeals. Give and discuss how emotional appeal may or may not work in marketing, please provide examples.

Buying Behavior and Market Analysis

*Computer software (e.g. game or app/application) *Underwear *Restaurant 1. Explain why the first product you chose was a High Involvement purchase and why the second was a Low Involvement purchase. 2. Identify and discuss the differences between the way you went through the purchase decision processes for the two

Customer Value Hierachy

In planning its market offering, the marketer must address the five product levels of the customer value hierarchy. Describe the "customer value hierarchy," and identify the five levels of product contained within. Provide examples.

marketing research proposal

Need to define the topic of flowers purchased from traditional florists vs nontraditional outlets. Price, quality, shelf-life, all should be included. Please describe: - Backgrounds of the study - Research problem - Population and sample method defined - Sampling methodology - Assumptions and limitations - Questionnair

Market Segmentation

Using an organization and product of your choice, write a paper discussing the major segmentation strategies including demographic, geographic, and psychographic that might be used to identify and target potential consumers for the chosen product. Evaluate each segmentation strategy, and determine which specific strategy (or str