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Case Study: Transitioning as a New Manager and Problem Employees

Congratulations you have just graduated from KCC and you also have a Certificate of Competence in Management. While in school you were working for a major retailer as a sales associate for 4 years as you worked your way through school. A combination of events has given you a fantastic opportunity. First your immediate supervisor has been fired for lack of productivity for the sales unit. Mid level management seeking a fresh approach has noticed that you have graduated and especially notes your management certificate. For these reasons you have just been promoted to the units supervisor which will be your first management position. You are managing the same unit you have been working in for the last 4 years. One of your employees has shown considerable lack of effort and low productivity, you were well aware of this employee's lack of effort while working in the unit as his co-worker. The previous manager did nothing about the situation choosing to ignore the situation rather than take action. The lack of effort is so pronounced that he is causing a low morale problem among other workers in the unit. You are a take-charge type of person and you believe that's why you were promoted to this position.

Question: You realize that you have to address the situation quickly to establish your own style of management. What steps are you going to take to address the situation?

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I will engage in a personal discussion session with the employee to ascertain the real cause or root cause of the low productivity and lack of effort. After ascertaining the root cause of the issue, I will guide and motivate the ...