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    The Case of the Mexican Crazy Quilt

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    1. Was Linderman Industries' adoption of project organization an appropriate one for getting the Mexican subsidiary started?

    2. In consideration of Robert Linderman's letting the division managers know the project manager would be asking for some of their key people, why would Conway have any difficulty in getting the ones he wanted?

    3. Would you expect that many people would turn down a chance to join a project organization, as Bert Mill did?

    4. Why would Conway take his problem with the engineering vice president to Linderman and have it resolved in his favor, yet back down in two disputes with the manufacturing vice president?

    5. What could Linderman Industries have done to assure good jobs for the people coming off Project Mexicano, including Carl Conway, the project manager?

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    Was Linderman Industries' adoption of project organization an appropriate one for getting the Mexican subsidiary started?

    Adopting the project organization for getting the Mexican subsidiary started was an appropriate measure by Linderman Industries. Notably, starting up a new subsidiary is an exercise that would require considerable planning, preparation and strategizing so as to ensure that the activities would run smoothly once it was in operation (Kerzner, 2009). The kind of effort required in making this a reality is time consuming and employees within the organization may not be able to handle the project while performing their other normal duties. Consequently, there is bound to be high levels of inefficiency and poor organization. The project organization, in turn, ensures that the persons involved only concentrate on the project such that it is likely to be successful. Project organizations prove appropriate for vital projects due to the factors discussed below. Project management allows for fuller utilization of employees. Conway and Delgado should have agreed on priorities in order for the project to be effective. Both must be willing to negotiate for resources. However, when both maintain a high degree of authority; it becomes difficult for the project manager to do what is best for the project. Decision-making in a matrix organization alone is a difficult process. When working on transitioning, it becomes difficult for the employees to do what is right when their own, their division manager's and the project manager's feelings are in play.

    As compared to where the company's managers are involved in other duties apart from the project, the project organization management team concentrates fully on the project such that all the requirements are efficiently met (Kerzner, 2009). This also allows the management vested with the duty to run the project optimally utilizing their management skills thus leading to better outcomes. The management team, in most cases, aims at ensuring that the project is successful. Their goals are well set and they are more focused and result oriented so as to avoid project failure. Furthermore, only successful projects receive accolade and these managers are ready to sacrifice for the success of the projects they are undertaking. This is enhanced by the fact that their total concentration is on the project and not other company duties. Where the employees are sourced from the company is in the case of Linderman, the organization is in a position to choose the best team. The project leader can easily assess the qualifications and suitability of staff and is not restricted by the normal staffing procedures that may be existent in the parent company (Koteen, 1997). Setting up a project organization has various disadvantages including increased project costs, excessive shifting of staff and ...

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    This solution explains the management of operations for Linderman Industries and the beginning of their Mexican subsidiary. It helps the student understand the listed disputes and attempt to problem-solve for the company.