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Human Resources Management

Employee Retention Management - Part 2

Introduction Employee retention and turnover is an important subject for human resource managers to address. The money, time and effort put into the recruiting and training process can easily be wasted if the organization is dealing with excessive turnover. Through extensive research, this paper will focus on: • Develop

Myers Briggs vs. Big Five personality tests

Please answer the 5 questions listed in attached document and below regarding the Myers Briggs and Big Five personality tests, and include APA sources where I can do more research. 1. Describe both assessments and explain what they measure. 2. What is the difference between these assessments? 3. What is in common between th

Your Current Benefits

'HRM 533 Total Rewards "Your Current Benefits" 1.) As an Administrator for the school system state how you view the benefits you currently have. If you are not covered by such a plan, indicate which benefits you would hope to get in your next position. Justify how your current or future benefits help you achieve your career go

Recruitment strategy template for a new professor

Instructions: You have been hired as staffing consultants by the administration of Sincere College. They need your assistance in locating and hiring an outstanding young scholar to join the faculty of the Davis School of Business. They want you to develop a recruiting plan that will locate a talented applicant pool, and a strate

Performance Management Presentation

A strategic component and responsibility of the human resources department is the management of the people of the organization, which is frequently called human capital management. As the new HR manager, you have conducted an analysis of your organization and found that performance management processes are highly inconsistent am

Organizational Strategists

Determine what strategists are, and what they do in an organization. Support your answer with at least two examples and detail where applicable. 200 words, APA citation

Roles and Impact of Human Resources and Communications

What is empowerment? How do leaders use interpersonal communication or mass communication to empower employees? Provide an example of empowerment from your own experience. What were the benefits and challenges of being empowered?

Human Resources Role and Impact

HR professionals are often heard requesting a "seat at the table." In other words, they have a desire to be viewed as a strategic business partner who is helping to drive change and implement policy. What do you see as some of the barriers HR professionals face in their efforts to be viewed as true business partners? What ca

Future Benefits and Work Cultures

1.) It is the year 2020. Speculate what work-life benefits are most prominent among the top employers in that year and why you selected them. 2.) As your organization grows, the possibility of having child-care and elder-care issues grows. You have been tasked to head up a small committee to assess the possibility of includin

How to Create a Development Plan for Human Resources

You are the regional training manager of a subsidiary of a company that competes with Proctor and Gamble. One of the product managers, Manager Greg, has invited you to a meeting. Manager Greg has a unit with low morale, poor communications, and low engagement. His group is composed of 20 project /product managers that develo

Call Center Training Scenario

A manager in your organization has approached you to design some practice cases for training call center personnel on new products. The company is relying on the revenue these new products will generate, so it is important that the call center representatives demonstrate an understanding of the features and benefits of the new p

Human Resource Management Situational Responses

I need help on questions about human resources management: 1) Tiffany, a light-skinned black woman, is the manager of the cosmetics department of a large retail store. She does not promote Monica, a brown-skinned black woman, because she believes customers prefer lighter skinned cosmetic consultants. Monica A. does not have a

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Case Study

Mary Sampson has been working at the AJ & Associates Law Firm for over 2 years as a paralegal assistant. David Johnson is a young lawyer who began working at the firm about 10 months ago. Shortly after starting with the firm, David began asking Mary to go out with him, but she repeatedly turned him down. Just before Mary's annu

The Changing Social Contract/What Floats Your Boat?

Please see the PowerPoint Chapter 12, "Managing Human Resources", discusses how the scope of the relationship between employers and employees has changed over the years.The relationship has created a gap in the perception of responsibility that employers assume for their workers. Discuss the changes you have seen and how these c

The Role of the EEOC in Discrimination Complaints and Suits

The EEOC is the prime federal regulatory agency responsible for ensuring workplace equity. Describe the role of the EEOC and choosing one element of category of Discrimination by Type such as; Age, Disability, National Origin, etc., explain the role of the EEOC in that category and the responsibilities of employers in that categ

How would distance learning be a feasible solution?

Identify a situation at your workplace in which distance learning would be a feasible solution. Predict the problems that it would address, the manner in which distance learning could help solve those problems, and the relevance the training would have on workplace KSAs. Provide specific examples to support your response.

Health Insurance Benefits and Human Resource Management

Please help! The ability to adequately control employee benefit costs today is often the difference between organizations that are successful versus those that are not. This is even more complex with the recent Affordable Health Care Act that is in the horizon. Businesses today are not sure, yet, how this legislation will aff

Human Resources Strategy in Recruitment

I need help answering questions on human resource strategy: 1. How should a company go about recruiting high-quality and fully qualified potential employees? 2. Describe each of the six selection tools, as well as how and when these tools might be used to select from among several candidates for a job.

Employee Benefits Strategy

"Benefits Policy" 1.) Create a benefits policy that encompasses the scope of benefits and a brief administrative section to address how benefits will be administered in your organization. Include a section on the roles necessary to carry out the policy within the organization. "Flexible Benefits Strategy" 1.) If you were t

Valley National Bank

I need help in answering 2 question, case study is attached: 1. What are the human resource issues facing the vice president's department and under which of the HR domains (e.g. Organizational Design, Staffing, Performance Management and Appraisal) does each issue belong? Identify some strategies for dealing with these issues.

Social Security for Employees

Over a half a century ago, the primary form of retirement security was Social Security, coupled with an employer-provided pension. Today, pensions are offered in only a small fraction of employers, and employees are instead encouraged to save for their retirement in 401-K or similar plans. How has the shift from employer-sponsor

Employment Questions

Please provide sample answers to the questions below. What might recruiters be looking for? 1.Describe your experience in writing reports, correspondence and/or procedures, and the audience to which they were written. 2. Explain a situation in which you were to analyze a process and make recommendations. Include in your

Contractor Code of Conduct

Hi Can anyone help providing Code of conduct for contractors? As the contractor are coming to my company site. I am planning to provide Code of Conduct document to contractors. I just need to know in one page what important bullet points I can include... I have searched Google I found bunch of documents. But I need m

Organizational Needs Analysis

I need help with the following: You are the internal training manager of your organization. As a staff of one, you are the main contact for everyone who needs training or who thinks they need training. Because you are a department of one, you consistently call upon members within the organization when it comes to determin

Inequities in employee benefits

HRM 533 Total Rewards Week 8 Discussion 1: "Ethical and Legal Problems" 1.) Describe ethical and legal features associated with equity based recognition plans and recommend how leaders can prevent such potential abuse. Week 8 Discussion 2: "Employee Benefits" 1.) From the e-Activity, select one type of employee benefit and

Pay Systems within Organization: Internal/External Equity

Describe your personal experiences (or a friend's experiences) with an organization's pay system. In your opinion, did the system possess internal and external equity (i.e., were employees compensated fairly)? What factors determined the level of pay employees received and how pay increases were determined? What factors should

Human relations interpersonal job-oriented skills

1. Many people speak loudly to deaf people, blind people, and to those who speak another native tongue. Based on the information presented in this world, what mistakes are these people making? Give examples how you would communicate and have a greater appreciation for cultural differences with any of these groups. APA Guidelines