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Using Technology as a Learning Tool

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Technology and social media (LMS, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.) are constantly changing, and it can be difficult for organizations to keep up and effectively use technology as a training tool. Choose one new piece of technology (within the last five years), and discuss the pros and cons of this technology as a learning tool. Give a specific example of how this tool can be used effectively to enhance effective learning. 500words

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Suggested Technology: Cell Phones / Smartphones

Pros as a learning tool

Primarily cell phones/Smartphones can be used to access the Internet. Thus, it can be used by trainees and students for research and communication purposes.

Nagel (2013) noted that in a "study conducted by Harris Interactive for educational publisher Pearson, polled more than 2,300 American students in grades 4 through 12 (aged 8 to 18) about their use of digital technologies for educational purposes".

Ball State University (2013) revealed that "for many college students, their lives revolve around their smartphones. Not only is it a phone, but they use it to email, send text, download and listen to music and access social media sites".

Concordia University (2014) identifies these pros in using cell phones/smartphones as a learning tool:
• Students can get answers quickly. Smartphones provide the ability to get answers quickly. In some situations, a ...

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Technology can be used as training tool. One example is the use of cell phone and Smartphone technology to enhance teaching and learning situation.

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