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    Gender Inequality in the Workforce: A Human Resource Management Quandry

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    Regarding the attached article:

    1. Do you think there will ever be equal employment in the workforce?
    2. Do you think there is a correlation between how women are treated in society and how women are treated in the workforce?
    4. What recommendations do you have for women in the workforce?
    5. Do you think there will be a new glass ceiling in the future? If so, who will it impact?
    6. Do you support affirmative action? Explain why.
    7. How is the Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act different from the Civil Rights Act of 1991?
    8. Do you think that some women are not hired for upper level management positions because a female may become pregnant and may take a significant amount of time off which may hurt the organization? Do you agree with this notion?
    9. What other law suits can you think of regarding unequal pay and benefits for women?
    10. Should hiring be based exclusively on merit? Justify your thoughts.

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