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    Errors in change using Kotter's model

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    1. Using Kotter's model, identify the three (3) most significant errors made out of IBM, McDonalds, Hewlett Packard and describe the ramifications of those mistakes.

    2. Make at least one (1) recommendation for each company that would have improved the effectiveness of the change process and explain why that recommendation would have altered the outcome of the change process

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    1. The company did not identify the problem correctly or soon enough to prevent it from escalating. This forced each company to make changes without fully being aware of what changes were required and how to fix them. Customer needs and changes in the competition worked to force all three companies into a fast fix mode, which with proper scans and identification of the problem could have eliminated a lot of wasted time and effort.

    In the case of IBM, this is very easily identified. Companies were making smaller, more efficient, less expensive computers for use. Mainframes were less necessary for ...

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    A review of how the errors made at the three named companies could have been avoided using Kotter's 8 step model.