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Human Resources Management

The HR function in large-scale

Please provide a literature review for the following article by critiquing the methodology and stating key findings. Björkman, I., & Søderberg, A. M. (2006). The HR function in large-scale mergers and acquisitions: the case study of Nordea. Personnel review, 35(6), 654-670.

Mergers as a HR Strategy

Please write a response to the article below, looking at the methodology, gap and key conclusions within especially. Thank you. The article in question is entitled "Mergers and acquisitions as a human resource strategy: Evidence from US banking firms" and can be found in this online issue:

Age of Workforce Issues for HRM

What changes can we anticipate in the age and needs of the workforce? What implications will these changes have for the management of human resources? Identify and explain two diversity related issues that an organization should be prepared to handle. What types of needs and issues will HRM efforts be required to accommodate

Human Resource Planing Software Packages Evaluation

Many of the different Human Resource Information Systems include human resource planning capabilities, and there are also specific human resource planning software packages available. 1. How are these human resource planning software programs beneficial for organizations? 2. Have you or anyone you know worked for an orga

Matrix/Table for the British Airways

Please help clearly defining the Management theories below and I also need help also including a change matrix for the British Airways. Abstract The leadership role is imperative for the success of the business operations to obtained premium brand identity and brand equity with their customers. Thus, the objective is develop

Conflict Management in an Organization

Please help with the following research paper. Going through the attached pdf article. 1. How does the Author characterize the sources of conflict within an organization? 2. Is conflict resolution only within the jurisdiction of the HR people? What is/are the explanations? 3. Is it important or necessary in an organization, t

Evaluating the On-Boarding Process

Please help evaluating and selecting onboarding strategies appropriate for a Vice President of Recruiting and Account Management for an IT Direct Hire and Consulting firm. Any help evaluating onboarding strategies appropriate to this position and help providing supporting rationale for the selection. Once we have evaluated a

Employee Rights & Safety - HR Law

Please provide some good examples, guidance and information on employee rights and safety. Part I Which of the major HRM functions, namely Recruitment, Selection, Training and Development, Appraisal, Compensation, and Personnel Planning, might be affected by each? How are they affected (explain)? Drawing on your personal

Human Capital Management

Senior leadership at Organization X does not understand how or why they should change the organization to effectively improve their human capital. They are also unfamiliar with current human capital problems on the global scale. As the external consultant, it is your responsibility to educate these leaders. This must be done in

Human Resource Management and Recent Global Issues

Conduct online research of recent global issues. Choose issues that affect the economy, business relations, or business practices on a global scale. Predict and/or discuss how HR managers and management practices are affected by these issues. Why should HRM professionals be concerned with global HRM issues? Why can we not si

Human Resources Change Management Discussion

1) What metrics measurement tools might be useful in determining the effectiveness of a change management process in an organization? 2) Discuss two workplace examples in regards to changes taking place in a government/military workplace. Any examples will do as long as they revolve around issues that evolve because of change

HRM Assessment: Corporate Culture and Strategic Approach

Please help with a quick assessment. No more than 150 words thanks. 1. HR programs and policies can influence or change an organization's culture. Do you agree with this? Does an organization's culture need to grow/evolve naturally or can it be "shaped" or "manipulated"? To what extent does an organization's culture determine

Employment Practice Compliance Systems (EPCS)

1. How do employment practice compliance systems (EPCS) help businesses stay compliant? 2. Differentiate between legal liabilities, ethical liabilities, and industry standard Provide at least two examples of each.

Human Resource Management Case Scenario: Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)

Research and identify the salient features of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Provide a definition of exempt and nonexempt employees. State at least three criteria that differentiate an exempt and nonexempt employee. Research and discuss the proposed changes to the FLSA��"the first real changes since 1938. How do these

8 Step Negotiation Process

Could you please help me with this problem and outline the eight negotiation steps?: You are In the middle of acquiring a new company overseas, the deal hits a snag and your negotiation team is sent in. Based on the eight negotiation steps, how do you approach the situation? The acquisitions team has indicated they stopped the

HR Issue Description

Develop an innovative human resources policy that limits a company's liability and promotes its core mission and values. ( can sexual harassment in the workplace be an innovative HR policy?, If yes, please help with this) describe a compliance issue that is imminently critical to the success of the company's recovery and needs

Analysis of Human Resource Challenges

Please read and explain the following journal articles and HRM challenges. Based on information in the articles, give a brief explanation about these challenges. Articles: Creating and Sustaining an Ethical Workplace Culture The Values ---> Attitude ---> Behavior Chain By Charles D. Kerns, PhD, MBA 2003 Volume 6 Issue

Process Flowcharts: Graphical and Fishbone Flowcharts

I need help. I am trying to put together 2 flowscharts. One graphical and one Fishbone flowchart. My topic is "increasing brand management by training employees". This is a car company so the topic is quality control on an assembly line. I want to use HR and employee engagement to make this happen. Thanks,

Human Resource Sourcing Method

Submit the Sourcing Methods portion of your selection and onboarding process project.: -Evaluate and select effective sourcing methods for your chosen position. -Assess and describe the advantages and disadvantages of the sourcing methods, along with a rationale for each selection. -Design an appropriate allocation for each s

Recruiting Strategies

Help develop recruiting strategies and on-boarding process for a Vice President of Recruiting and Account Management in a smaller IT recruiting firm. . Evaluation criteria includes: - Analyze competitive factors affecting recruitment of talent, both globally and in the local market. - Describe recruiting strategies that

Human Resource Case Analysis

You are the Vice President of Human Resources at Community State University. The President of the University has just informed you that the Maintenance Department is experiencing a high turnover rate in addition to an increase in disciplinary actions. You have been asked to created an effective recruitment process and discuss ho

Human Resources: Pay Strategy, Appraisal, Benefits

24. A pay strategy that has the potential to sustain a competitive advantage: a. will be difficult for employers to imitate. b. specifies low base pay and high job security. c. will not change even if the company changes business directions. d. will be the same in all countries in which the organization operates.

Entrepreneurship and financial resources

What steps should an entrepreneur take to obtain and maintain adequate financial resources? What is most important, obtaining or maintaining financial resources? Why?

Human Resource Management Critical Thinking

The local textile plant has a workforce of 55 full-time hourly workers, 12 part-time workers (less than 15 hours per week), and six managers that are salaried. The company has been struggling for about five years and has just lost its only major account with a sporting clothes company. Contract renegotiations have been intense f

Alignment Of HRM And Business Strategies

Select a publicly traded company and evaluate its Human Resource (HR) and business strategy, HR department job positions, and ways it markets its company regarding human capital. Propose how you would ensure the HR strategy is in alignment with the business strategy. Describe the HR job position and the responsibilities lis

Sample Total Compensation Package for: HR Recruiting Manager

The case study scenario: Creat a compensation package for an Human Resource Recruiting Manager position. Review the job description and look at comparable market data. The solution explains why a salary range is used, the target hiring rate, along when timing of future pay increases. There is a simple graph included to help