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Human Resources Management

Various topics related to employment and global learning are discussed in this solution. Question 1 includes: Identify the differences between the concepts of 'organized learning', 'organizational learning', and the 'learning organization'. Is it possible for any organization in any culture to embrace organizational learning?

Question 1 - Identify the differences between the concepts of 'organized learning', 'organizational learning', and the 'learning organization'. - Is it possible for any organization in any culture to embrace organizational learning? Question 2 - While it is important to discuss employment relations at a national level, t

Employee Cohesiveness in an Organization

Please help answer the following questions. Provide at least 200 words. From your own experience, who works more cohesively towards an organization's goals: contractors or full-time employees? Would you apply this bias in selecting the structure of your global information system team, or would you go against your local bias

Managing Responsibility: What can be learned from the quality movement?

Managing Responsibility: What can be learned from the quality movement? Contents 1. The Quality/Responsibility Analogy 2. Multiple Meanings 3. Satisfying Stakeholders 4. Measuring the "Unmeasurable" 5. Making a Business Case 6. Assurance Personnel 7. TQM/TRM as Frameworks for Systemic Management Processes 8. Resista

Challenges Facing Performance Evaluation in the Public Sector

The case study scenario for this solution: Identify four challenges facing performance evaluation in the public sector. From the four challenges, list them in rank order in terms of what you believe are the most critical for the Human Resource Management (HRM) leader in the public sector. After identifying and rank ordering

Feasibility Study - Expanding U.S. Company to India

Please help prepare a feasibility study concerning what a company (Papa John's Pizza Company headquartered in USA) will need to know to market its products and to manage employment relations as effectively as possible for expansion in another country (India). This venture must not use the help of another business that is already

Company Downsizing

The strategic plan will include working on resolving issues that are certain to be attributed to downsizing: employee motivation and morale, the new operating environment, retaining employees and current organizational capabilities. Relate to human resources, thanks

Controlling Benefit Costs

Looking for help on these questions: How does an organization's compensation plan (specifically health insurance benefits) impact an organization's strategic goal setting process? What are some examples of organizational goals and HR goals related to health insurance benefits to help the organization meets its strategic go

Human Resource Development Learning

I can't seem to get started on the right path with this subject and need assistance. My topic I want to write a paper about is how learning is vital to Human Resource Development efforts. I want to cover defining learning and present the learning-related issues that are important to HRD. For example, this paper could cover the

For this assignment, defining cross-cultural competence and its challenges.

After reading the article (Goodman, 2012), complete the following: 1. Identify the definition of cross-cultural competence. 2. Evaluate and identify the challenges that can occur when attempting to instill cultural intelligence into the workforce. Goodman, N. 2012. Training for cultural competence. Industrial and Comm

Health and Safety Management System

How can employee involvement (employees and employee representatives) be included in a health and safety management system? Please include planning, implementation, evaluation, and corrective and preventive action in your response. Your response should be related to human resources management. Thanks!

Problems with Employee Dislocation

One of the primary problems with employee dislocation is communication. What tools and processes would you suggest to improve communication between dislocated teams?

Court Cases

Develop a court case based on a hypothetical situation or one that was real (mask all identifiers).

"The Talent Pipeline and Executive Onboarding"

Discussion 1: "The Talent Pipeline" 1. Analyze how the talent pipeline offers the best candidates to organizations, and determine how to access the pipeline for your industry or profession. Also discuss if you foresee a need to change the pipeline to meet future needs of employers. If so, state those changes and your rationale

Testing HR Applicants

Nairduwel, Inoalot, and Imslo (NII) is a law firm specializing in business law. Among other areas, it deals in equal employment opportunity law, business litigation, and workplace torts. The firm has more than 50 partners and approximately 120 employees. It does business in three states and has law offices in two major metrop

Case Study: A Blogger in the Midst

Read the case study "A Blogger in Their Midst." What is your general reaction to the case? What actions should leadership take? What actions should glove girl take? What lessons can be learned from the case? How can the concepts of the case be applied to current organizations? Is this a risk organizations face? Answer should be

Public Sector Human Resource Management Challenges in the 21st Centry

In the Klingner textbook, Chapter 3 presents Table 3.2 which provides a paradigm on the shifting roles of the public sector system. Many of these shifts have strategic HRM implications. Could you assist me , analyzing three implications from the traditional shift to the 21st Century environment and explain why you selected these

Biases in Decision Making

- Discuss common biases in decision making. - Explain the roles of emotion and fairness in decision making. - Compare reflective and expedient decision making. focus on a decision and evaluate the decision you made using any two of the following biases: availability, heuristic, bias related to the representative heuristic,

Human Resource Globalization: Three Part Case Study

This solution address the following case study questions: What are the main functions of Global Human Resource Management? Which function do you find most important? Why? What are your views on globalization? Globalization ensures an organization can manage its human resource functions worldwide. The most vital function

Declining Resources in Government: Impact to HRM Functions

The case study question: What are the impact of declining resources for the Human Resource Management functions in government? This solution explains how government employment was once considered a "lifetime career" and now with declining resources (mainly revenue) - this is no longer a given. Lack of funding results in se

Challenges in Public Sector Human Resource Management

The case study scenario: Find a recent article on the Internet which discusses the challenges for HRM related issues in the public sector. Discuss the issues and potential impacts if not resolved. By June 2013, Washington state had not approved a budget. The discussions of how where to put money and what programs, along wi

Recruiting Employees

I am studying recruitment of an employee and have decided to focus on hiring a Chief Operating Officer. Can you help me identify what environmental factors both internal and external that would impact the recruitment, selection and retention of the positon? Also how would I set the organization apart from others to attract the

HR Discussion Regarding Social Responsibility

I need help with the following research discussions in (not more than one page) 1. Paraphrase the concept of "social responsibility" from a peer reviewed reference. Cite the reference 2. What is the relationship between human resource management and social responsibility? 3. Describe at least one social responsibility

Hofstede in the Workplace: discussion & real life examples.

Dr. Geert Hofstede's cultural map helps to analyze the similarities and differences in work values and employee behavior in various countries. As a teacher, how do you think you should use Hofstede's findings at your workplace? Use the Internet to find real life examples of how different companies use Hofstede's findings. At

Benefits + Taxation

Jamal, age 52, is a manager for Triple W Company. His annual salary is $110,000 and he receives the following fringe benefits during the current year: - Triple W pays for all employees' health and accident insurance. Triple W pays $4,000 for Jamal's health insurance during the year. - Triple W provides Jamal with group-term

HR Metrics Formulas

I need help with providing formulas for each of the four HR metrics listed. - The percentage of employees who "look forward to coming to work" everyday - Overall employee turnover - The dollar impact of employee turnover in key positions - Percentage of employees who report that they are satisfied with the learning and g

Conflict Management Approaches to Human Behaviors

I need help with the following Conflict Management Approaches & Human Behaviors Part I - Background and Settings - A description of an organization with conflict - Description of the workplace or organizations' conflict issue - The underlying problem or difference - The parties or sides involved in the conflict - The s

HRM Questions

- Locate a job description online for a Fortune 500 organization. The job description should include the following components: Position details Job duties Performance standards Job factors - Identify recruitment and selection methods that are consistent with the organization chosen. - Develop a concept map that summa