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Employee Cohesiveness in an Organization

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From your own experience, who works more cohesively towards an organization's goals: contractors or full-time employees? Would you apply this bias in selecting the structure of your global information system team, or would you go against your local bias? Explain how you would lead both types of employees to ensure cohesiveness.

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This solution discusses cohesiveness within an organization. Bias and cohesiveness in regards to contractors vs. full-time employees are fully discussed. The explanation is given in 257 words.

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From my experience, employees typically work more cohesively towards goals. There are several major differences between employees and contractors, and one main one - benefits. Employees reap more benefits than contractors. Employees often have health benefits, vacation benefits, child care benefits, pension plans, and on and on. Contractors do not have the same types of benefits with the company. The typical employee is ...

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