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    Understand and interpret unhealthy conflicts in teams

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    Understand and interpret unhealthy conflicts in teams. Look up and define.

    -- Competion over power and resources.
    -- Conflict between individuals and group goals.
    -- Faulty communications
    -- May have confliction answers and not decide cohesively.
    -- Won't talk about past problems.
    -- Will not communicate answer so they won't bring up conflict - Avoidances
    -- Fail to challenge one another to achieve cohesiveness.
    -- Hidden Agenda.

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    Unhealthy conflicts are those conflicts that have an adverse impact on the performance of the organization. Unhealthy conflict of any type always cause harm for the organization. Following are the unhealthy conflicts:

    (i) Completion over power and resources: This type of conflict always arises when the goal of the employee is to gain power or resources instead of the collective goal of the organization. Competition in any organization at certain level is beneficial but when it becomes cut throat and mainly to achieve power and resource then it becomes unhealthy for the organization. In this situation one employee tries to pull the leg of another to get the top slot and due to this he/she keeps aside the work ethics and the organization goal causing harm to the organization efficiency.

    (ii) Conflict between individuals and group goals: Conflict between individual and ...

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