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Talent Management Survey: Tools to Manage Employee Talent

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The original case study:

You, as a HR Generalist, have been asked by your HR Director for your recommendations in terms of what tools your organization could use to better manage the talents of your employees. This will help to develop policies and procedures in managing your human capital. Please develop a tool for your Director addressing the following:

- Describe and analyze the broad range of talent management efforts that use software applications to help your Director to make an educated decision.
- Give some examples of firms that have successfully used these applications.
- Describe how these efforts are useful in terms of strategic human capital management.

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Solution Summary

This solution is over 400 words and includes two references. The survey includes a management recommendation for the use of SuccessFactors software to assist the organization in assessing, tracking and managing employee talent. Employees are often an organization's most expense asset. Under-utilization can be damaging.

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SuccessFactors is the software application recommended for talent management efforts. After analyzing the functionality, features and company history, it provides for several benefits to enhance management of human capital. The functions of SuccessFactors include creating an inventory of employee skills, defining any gaps between the requisite knowledge, skills and abilities (KSAs) needed to accomplish strategic goals in comparison to what the organization's current human capital possesses, thus providing recommendations for training and/or educational avenues to pursue. As employees enhance their skill base, improvement to KSAs can also be tracked with SuccessFactors; resulting in a virtual "catalog" of employees with details on what each one can offer when the ...

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