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    Employee Safety and Workplace Violence

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    Could you assist me with the following issue? Workplace violence has become a concern to many governmental agencies. Job stress can create conditions in which the employee may act in a violent manner against a supervisor or other employees. Lack of job security and the growing trend toward outsourcing public sector jobs may create more anxiety within the workplace. HR in the public sector takes on more responsibility in this area since employee safety may be a responsibility of the HR department. Could you assist me and help me describe three situations in which organizations may be under more stress resulting in the potential for employee violence and provide proactive methods for HR managers to deal with these situations. Could you assist me with 300 words?

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    One situation in which organizations may be under more stress, is a situation in which the human resources department is forced to reduce the manpower in a correctional facility by 10%. This results in fewer correctional officers having to supervise a greater number of inmates, which increases the stress on these individuals in an already stressful and dangerous job. This increased stress can increase the potential of employee violence towards inmates as well as other staff members. HR managers can ...