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Human Resources Management

The new role of management accountants

Vedd (2005, p.92) concluded that "the role of management accountants has widened to include a broad range of business skills and knowledge when addressing the needs of business in the 21st century". Please explain elaborately on the broad range of skills and knowlege that are required by the perceived new role of management acco

Director of Human Resources duties

What does a Hospital Director of Human Resources do. Give examples of job duties, education requirements, who works with them and what kind of task they would conduct on any given day. Please be very detailed

HRM Outsourcing

This case study builds on a prior analysis of the IT Consulting firm, which is included as an attachment. Please look at the benefits of outsourcing some of your HRM responsibilities. Of all the HR tasks, which would be good candidates to outsource? Why? Which would be the least desirable to outsource? Why? For yo

Resource Leveling

I need an expert testimonial on this subject: Explain why resource leveling is a critical element of successful scheduling. In your experience with project management, have you seen instances where resource leveling was handled poorly, or perhaps not at all? What was the result? Thank you.

Change Management Case Study: Sampson Television Human Resource Manager

Case scenario: You have recently joined Sampson Television as its HR Manager. The prior HR manager - Genevieve - retired after 40 years. You were interviewed by Genevieve and the Accounting Manager; to whom you report. You are working with four HR professionals and realize that you have your work cut out for you. Every time you

Employee cooperation in job analysis and why it is important

Explain why it is important to gain employee cooperation before beginning a job analysis program. Describe other issues and means that can aid in the job analysis process. Your response should be at least 500 words in length. All sources used, including the textbook, must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must h

Four-Fiftth's Rule

4/5th Rule: The four-fifths rule is the simplest and most common way of estimating adverse impact. The Uniform Guidelines indicate that the 4/5th's rule is the preferred method for determining adverse impact unless samples are very small or very large. The 4/5th's rule can be computed according to the four steps shown below:

HRM Strategy

The company at which you work has given you free rein to design an entire realm of talent management policies and procedures that include performance, retention, labor relations, compensation, and benefits recommendations. Your goal is to design a state-of-the-art HRM strategy with corresponding suggestions for how to put this i

Equal Employment

Employment laws are intended to protect the rights of classes of people who have been underrepresented in the workforce in the past. Employers with government contracts are required to develop and maintain affirmative action plans that demonstrate a positive effort to fully and fairly consider qualified applicants regardless of

Human Resource Challenges in a Retail Store Environment

The case study utilizes a retail store that provides electronics as the example. The questions addressed in this solution: 1. What are the human resource needs of the electronics store? What skills and training would employees need? How can employees best be helped to support the store's image? 2. What are the threats and b

General Information About Businesses

I'm planning on owning my own business and would like some information on some questions I asked myself that I'm not certain about. 1. How can my human resource staff be beneficial to my employees and customers? Can taking care of my employee also have a negative impact on the customers and the management or me as an owner?

Walmart HR Technologies

I need 4 human resources technologies that walmart uses today. I also need help with finding out the current state of technologies for walmart. I also need references and websites where to locate this information.

Human resource management and moral compasses

Give detailed examples explaining how Human Resource Management could have played a central role in setting the "moral compass" at Enron, helping to form and shape the organizational culture.

The Future of Human Resource Management in Nonprofits

Use the Internet to research at least two articles (at least one (1) article FOR and one (1) AGAINST) about the proposed federal Job Creation Tax Credit. Be prepared to discuss. 1. Debate It: From the e-Activity, human resource management in nonprofit organizations is likely to increase significantly with the passing of the

Assessing Business Ethics and Organizational Culture

Article: Madsen, S. & Vance, C. (2009). Unlearned lessons from the past: an insider's view of Enron's downfall. Corporate Governance, 9(2), 216-227. Define "organizational culture." Please be very specific (and be sure that you provide references for your description of culture). Evaluate Enron's sense of business ethics

Human Resources Model Components

Identify the components of the human resources model and how the components interact. After reviewing how the model works, give an example.

Perspectives of Human Resources Management

The case study: Describe and discuss the operator, manager, executive, and political perspectives on human resources management. The Operator is typically charged with performing tasks within a certain HR arena, such as recruitment. The Manager often has supervisory responsibilities, overseeing the works of others. At the E

HR and NPO Financial Management

A better understanding of the meaning of work may shed light on the fundamental questions of why people work, what sort of goals are important to them, what they seek at work, and what may cause them to stop working. What your thoughts are to these fundamental questions in your own experiences and how it relates to nonprofit fin

Policy Implementation (PH 5 DB)

For a code of conduct to be successful, it must be properly implemented with the appropriate support provided by management. You have worked with the UWEAR and PALEDENIM management teams to develop code of conduct policies on the issues that you observed during your work with them. Answer the following: -How will you define man

HRM-r Technology Strategy

-How would you implement, manage, and measure an organization-wide HRM-r technology strategy? -What resources would you require, what outcomes would you expect, and what concrete results would you expect? -If you were an external HRM-r technology consultant, what advice would you give your organization's CEO concerning the ben

External growth resources

Evaluate at least two external resources for growth and discuss the challenges organizations are likely to face during times of economic difficulty. Recommend additional actions an entrepreneur can take to strengthen the chances of executing one of the growth strategies you selected.

Obstacles and Opportunities due to Retirement of Employees

The link for the e-Activity is as follows: http://www.shrm.org/Education/hreducation/Documents/44-4%20Campion%20et%20al.pdf From the eActivity, discuss at least two of the eight obstacles and opportunities that best address an agency's challenge of 45% of its workforce retiring in the next 36 months. Provide a rationale fo

Acme Fencing & Landscaping, Inc: To Outsource HRM - Or Not?

The case study: Since his graduation from college twenty-five years ago, William ("Bill") Small had been employed as the lone architect at Acme Fencing & Landscaping, (AFL) Inc., an industrial and residential landscaping and fencing construction company. An exceptionally bright, dedicated, talented, and industrious individual,

ABC Healthcare Company: Job Study and Job Design

The case study, in part: The ABC Healthcare Company (or "ABC Healthcare") was formed one year ago as a result of a merger between two health care companies: The Arthritis Company, Inc., and the Famous Healthcare Company. Over the past year, because ABC Healthcare top management team has been primarily preoccupied with organizat

Leaderships and Regulatory Compliance

During the preparation for your meeting, you discover that UWEAR and PALEDENIM do not currently have any policies in place to provide whistleblower protection as outlined in the Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Act, Section 806. Because UWEAR is a publicly-traded company, as will be PALEDENIM, you recommend that they immediately implement a

Employee Screening: Removing Personal Information

Identify the pros and cons of removing personal information, such as age, gender, ethnic origin, and family or marital circumstances, prior to the screening and shortlisting of applicants for employment. Take a position for either removing or retaining such information.

Managed Counterbalance Lopsided Allegiances

Expatriates can be grouped into one of 4 allegiance patterns: 1. The free agent pattern, in which expatriates have low allegiance to both the parent firm and the local unit 2. The pattern of going native, marked by low allegiance to the parent firm and high allegiance to the local unit. Please describe the two patterns ab