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    Resources to write a research paper on globalization

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    Please provide me with some resources to write a research paper on globalization.

    Thank you.

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    Globalization is the interaction among people, firms, and governments of different countries that are affected by global trade and global flow of investment. This interaction leads to integration driven by information technology. For instance, when a firm opens its operations in a foreign country, it is participating in and furthering the process of globalization. Similarly, if a firm uses information technology for communication with business partners abroad and begins exporting its products it heralds the process of globalization (Das. D, 2013). The globalization has a significant impact on environment, culture, political systems, economic development, and the well being of human beings. For example, if a developing country receives direct foreign investment from several countries and that increases the economic growth rate of that country, it is a positive effect of globalization. Similarly, if the increase of international business leads to the setting up of universities in less developed country it is an effect of globalization. There is a recent spurt in the growth of multinational companies that have begun sourcing products from different parts of the world and selling them in other parts, and this is an important effect of globalization.

    In general, globalization refers to the interchange of world views, products, ideas, and culture. For example, the ethical values of the home country of multinational companies are applied in foreign lands. This leads to a greater appreciation of those values. Sometimes these values are accepted and adopted. There is interplay of macro social forces and this leads to a veritable integration. For example, when multinationals are sourcing their products in developing countries they apply the law of their home country. Child labor is not allowed in the home country, so the suppliers are asked not to use child labor. This leads to an integration of values and a greater appreciation of basic human values. The violations of human values are challenged. Globalization also brings about integration in the field of religion. Foreign religion may be adopted, the precepts of foreign religions may be appreciated, or simply awareness is created about different religions. For example, a multinational company operating in an Asian country will appreciate the religious festivals of those countries, participate in them, and modify their marketing mix to satisfy the needs of the local people.

    Globalization has several positive impacts on firms, people, and countries. For example, if there is sharp fluctuation in important agricultural production, with foreign trade, the deleterious impact of fluctuations is reduced. In addition, businesses and investors get far greater opportunities for investment. For example, an investor in the United States can spot an excellent investment opportunity in Hong Kong and make the investment. Globalization increases goodwill among nations. We cannot say that Globalization will rule out armed conflicts, however, it creates a dependence among countries that improves the relationships among nations. Globalization gives more chance to peace. From the perspective of multinational companies, Globalization is a boon. They can source their products from the most advantageous places and can develop competitive advantages. The consumers get a choice of products at relatively low prices. Globalization makes it possible for consumers to buy and use products that earlier they could not. Let us consider the example of a multinational company. Walmart sources its products at low costs from different parts of the world and sells them to consumers at attractive prices. The variety of goods that a consumer gets is far higher than what he could have otherwise got. The consumer, when he walks into a departmental store in the United States, gets products from China, Mexico, Japan, and Korea all under the same roof. Globalization leads countries to focus their resources on those products in which they have the highest advantage.

    Globalization leads to several advantages for businesses and consumers. Free trade is encouraged. There are several countries that have pulled down their barriers to trade. These countries have reduced their taxes, duties, subsidies, and quotas. The pulling down of barriers ...

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