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    Global Business Venture Analysis

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    The project I have been working on is to create a global business venture. My group has chosen our location as Hong Kong. The idea we are using is from an episode shown on the Travel Channel. They have a club over there that is geared toward high-level executives from all over the world. They use this venue to discuss major business deals, world events, etc. The interesting part about this is that they still use Geisha Girls to accompany the men and even talk politics and current events with them. However, they come with a high price tag...$64 U.S. dollars every ten minutes -- needless to say, they don't just talk business, after a $110 shot of Martell, they may retire to a secluded location where other things happen -- keep in mind that the clock is still ticking at $384 an hour for these girls. These ladies can bring in $30,000 a month for the business.

    We just felt that this was an interesting example to use. Each week we write a paper on a different aspect of our venture. Eventually everything is combined for a final 8000 word paper.

    Last week we had to describe some of the risks involved and how we would manage them. Those risks were:

    -Political/legal/regulatory risks
    -exchange and repatriation of funds risks
    -competitive risk assessment
    -Taxation and double taxation risks
    -Market (4 P's) risks
    -Distribution/supply chain risks
    -Social/Cultural risks
    -Physical environment

    This week, our assignment is this: prepare a 1,050-1,400-word response in which you explain how you would address the following within the context of your selected country:

    a. human resources management
    b. supply chain management
    c. information technology
    d. research and development
    e. legal and ethics challenges pertaining to your new venture

    As you can see, the paper will not be lengthy. We have responses to a., b. & c., however we need assistance with d. & e.

    Please if you can provide some good information for d. & e. listed above.

    I know this is a lot of information for such a small problem, but I wanted to make sure it was understood exactly what I was looking for. Any help would be greatly appreciated, including examples. Thank you very much in advance!

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    In reference to the case scenario and a globalization business venture analysis, this solution specifically examines that following factors: research and development, as well as the legal and ethics challenges pertaining to a new global venture. Examples are also provided.