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Analysis of Nokia Phones in Global Business Venture

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Need help in paper a 300 word paper on which analysis of Finland making of the Nokia phones for a global business venture of the following things

o Organization and product or service analysis
? Description of your organization
? Product needs assessment of the target country
? Description of product to meet the need
? Select a product and a country for a global business venture.

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In the last decades the Nokia Group has experienced major organizational changes and shifted its focus to new market and product segments. In 1994 Nokia had five business groups namely, Telecommunications, Consumer Electronics, Cables and Machinery, Mobile Phones and Other Operations, and its core focus was towards telecommunications. Later on, it decided to merge the Consumer Electronics and the Cables and Machinery business groups with the Other Operation. It has been represented with sales in 130 countries and most of the company's executive management and board are Finnish. For every country, the company is represented with a local management. It is responsible for various operations in the country. It resolved similarities to an ...

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The solution analyzes the Finland making of the NOkia phones for global business venture. It includes organization and product analysis, description of the organization, product needs assessment, and description of the product. References included.

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