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Country Risk Analysis: Democratic Republic

I have to do a country risk analysis for my global business venture. The country is the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The product being ventured is bananas. I am proposing the growing of bananas and opening of a plant in the DRC for distribution worldwide.

I have to analyze:
1. the RISK the PHYSICAL ENVIRONMENT poses on this venture.
2. how would these risks be managed or dealt with.

I would like the solution to specifically address the risk of the the business venture I have proposed in relation to the PHYSICAL ENVIRONMENT of the DRC. Also the solution needs to include how the risks would be managed or overcome so the venture could be successful.

Solution Summary

This solution gives background information on the plantain banana industry in the DRC and also lists 12 risks associated with opening of a plant for worldwide distribution on the political structure, environment, demographic changes, and economy of DRC. it also suggests measures to mitigate the risks with banana cultivation and distribution.