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SWOT analysis

Country Risk and Strategic Planning Analysis

My company wants to sell and manufacture athletic footwear in Central Africa for a Global business venture.

We have already decided to tap into the international global market selling and manufacturing athletic footwear in Central Africa. In our comprehensive analysis, we have already concluded that the product choice will be tough to market based on the poverty level and poor conditions that are prevalent in this area. The team will consider these conditions and the needs of the people before moving forward to minimize the risks associated with product placement into an underdeveloped country.

Conduct a country risk analysis for athletic footwear global business venture. Analyze the following risks in your solution by summarizing a strategic planning process by: ( answering the four (4) items below)

1. Define and clarify mission and objectives
2. SWOTT analysis of target country
3. Make strategy selection
4. Select and justify an appropriate mode of entry for your global product

Organize the solution in terms of an introduction, body, and summary/conclusion, Need references in APA Format.

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// We will discuss about a company that has decided to sell and manufacture a product in the region of Central Africa and will hence, work towards the risk and strategic planning analysis. We will discuss the mission, objectives, SWOT analysis, select a strategy and choose a specific mode of entry for it. //

For the global business venture, the business has decided to manufacture and sell athletic footwear in Central Africa and for making the project a success, it is important for the company to develop an understanding of the area and plan out accordingly. This would ensure that the risks are managed in a proper manner and the company has strategic measures ready to cope up with the hurdles in the way. First and foremost, there is high poverty and illiteracy ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 523 words with references.