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Global Buisness plan - India Electric Company

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Select a product and a country for global business venture. Conduct regional country and product analysis for your new Global venture.
I am picking India; I am going to be India Electric Company (To establish electricity in rural area of India). I have to do a regional analysis, country analysis and organizational and product analysis. I need help with just the Country Analysis (APA style with references).
. Political stability
. Economic conditions
. Finance options

Thank you

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Global Business Plan: Indian Market

Indian Business Market for the development of Business
Political Stability
India is the biggest democratic country in all over the world and there is quasi-federal-form of government in India and official head is President of country. The political and legal environment to the country is not very complicated and tough to introduce a new business (Hill, 2005). Before 1990's there was a strict government control on investment and foreign trade. But the situation is completely ...

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