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Influence of Internal and External Environmental Factors on HR Strategies

Discuss how internal and external environmental factors impact HR strategies?

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All successful human resources strategies will complement an organization's mission and goals but this success will also depend on the size of the organization because what works for a large company may not necessarily work for a small business. Many different factors, both internal and external, will have an effect on an organization's HR strategies. These factors are not constant or unchanging and management needs to continually monitor all factors in order to adjust their HR strategy accordingly. Some of these internal and external factors that HR management should be aware of include:

1. Competition - The amount of competition in an organization's industry can affect their ability to recruit qualified individuals and it is the responsibility of the HR department to develop programs and incentives to attract potential employees and retain key employees. Large, well-known companies do not ...

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The expert discusses how internal and external environmental factors impact HR strategies.