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Personal Competencies

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1) Discuss the ways in which understanding your personal competencies will help you to become a better communicator and manager.

2) How might you need to change your communication techniques to work with the different functioning areas of your business?

3) Which competencies should you specifically focus on to adapt your communication techniques?

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1) Discuss the ways in which understanding your personal competencies will help you to become a better communicator and manager.

Personal competencies are characterized by both knowledge and skills acquired by an individual. Every individual has three core competencies: personal, professional and leadership/management.

• Personal competencies - "Personal competencies are about who we are, and have both intra-personal and inter-personal components" (Brooks, 2012, para 3). Intra-personal competencies are about the self and encompass such aspects as aptitude, comprehension and stress tolerance. Inter-personal competencies include both oral and written communications and building relationships with others (Brooks, 2012). For example, one might have a personal competency that allows them to be skilled at presenting information in front of a group.

• Professional competencies - "The term applies to domain knowledge in subject areas, and the accompanying technical skills" (Brooks, 2012, para 4) such as human resources, program management and business development. It also applies to occupational skills and abilities. For example, someone in an engineering position might have the professional competencies of technical knowledge as well as an understanding of consulting and legal information.

• Leadership/Management competencies - These concepts apply to both personal and professional life and are part of both personal and professional competencies. "They include transforming innovative ideas into value, setting direction that others will follow, and applying resources to activities to achieve results" (Brooks, 2012, para 8). An example of this might ...

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A discussion regarding understanding personal competencies as they relate to communication and mangement skills as well as changing communication strategies depending on the functional areas of an organization. Finally, a discussion regarding competencies that should be focused on to adapt communication techniques. 971 words, 1 reference.