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Human Resources Management

Person-Focused Pay

Research a company or organization for which you would like to work focusing on its current base of employee pay. Determine if a person-focused pay system would benefit the company you researched. Provide specific examples to support your response. Analyze the advantages to employees and to employers of a person-focused pay p

Group Incentives

Suppose you are a human resource professional at a company that is setting up work teams for production and sales. What group incentives would you recommend to support this new work arrangement?

Critique of Interview Discrimination Article

A international human resource management article is attached and I need to critique it. - Begin with an introduction that defines the subject of your critique and your point of view. You will first need to identify and explain the author's ideas. Include specific passages that support your description of the author's point o

Fraud and Assessing Employee Performance

1.Think in terms of a privately-owned company; how can we convince a small business owner that his nephew has too much control in the business? I know a tire shop owner who has his entire family working for him. His niece, nephew, and son run the show while he sits back and smoozes with long-time customers. His nephew not onl

Human Resource Management - Reasonable Accommodation

What is "reasonable" in "reasonable accommodation?" Read the following case and discuss how you would handle this if you were the HR manager at this particular construction company. What should the manager do? ADA - Manager has repeated seizures, requests employer provide transportation. The EEOC issued an interesting

Human Resources Technologies - Executive Summary

The executive summary should be a succinct overview and assessment of the relationships of the literature you have reviewed regarding the HRM-related technologies being used or that have potential to be used in your organization to achieve organization, human capital, and business goals in 3 pages. Use the following categorie

Recruit Several Managers

In a large building construction company you need to recruit several managers for large construction sites. Apart from technical expertise and experience, what other criteria for selection would you like to identify for recruitment? List at least five criteria to be a part of the company's selection policies? Present your reason

Discussing Implications for Human Resource Management

Hi, I need to write about the implications for human resource management according to the changing nature of work and organizations, but I am not too sure how to begin this. Could you provide me with some assistance to get started on this?

When an organization has operations in various locales, including foreign countries, it is paramount to localize human resources to maintain effective employee relations and ensure the company is abiding by all employment laws. The solution is over 200 words and discusses each of these major factors in deciding to localize human resource functions.

The specific textbook question posed by a student was: Describe the relevant factors when considering the localization of HR activities. The solution is more than 200 words and provides two relevant factors for localizing human resource functions; employee relations and labor law compliance when an organization engages in busine

HRM Problems in Offshoring Organizations

What are typical HRM problems in offshoring organizations? How can companies, for example in India and China, design their human resource management systems to avoid these problems?

Human Resource Development for Pilot Program

The authors discuss the pilot program related to training. What happens in the Pilot program? Also, include in your discussion the elements of Figure 8-3 (PHOTO 18), which deals with factors that influence the transfer of training. Does your organization use a pilot program in the training process and is this effective within

Human Resource Intersecting with Major Business Systems

How do the major activities and systems of HR workers (e.g., Strategic HR, Selection, Recruitment, Retention, Training, Performance Appraisals, Compensation, Benefits, Risk Management and Union/Management Relations) intersect with the major business systems of organizations (Marketing, Management, Accounting, Economics, Legal, I

HRM Technologies Annotated Bibliography

The annotated bibliography and resource list provides the opportunity to conduct a literature search concerning existing and possible HRM technologies that can be used in organizations. For this assignment, you will conduct initial research for your action plan by identifying and annotating 8-10 resources in 2-3 pages. Use

Developing a Code of Conduct or Ethics Manual

MEMO - BUSINESS ETHICS MANUALS & TRAINING This memo is based on a hypothetical situation that might happen in the workplace. The memo, however, is written using real information. The research is an important part of this memo. Scenario: Recently an employee where you work was accused of unethical conduct on the job. The e

HR Management Research

Topic- The components of an effective OD Human Process Intervention I need help developing this topic. Text- Organizational Development & Change 9th Ed Thomas Cummings (additional references needed)

One More Time: How Do You Motivate Employees?

"One More Time: How Do You Motivate Employees?" by Frederick Herzberg is a reprint of a 1968 article, yet it remains fresh and pertinent 40 years later. Why? What are the enduring principles that continue to direct organizational leaders? What have we not learned, and how should we address these shortcomings?

Identify HRM Technologies

Describe which, if any, HRM technologies your organization uses. The organization uses HR Portals and Talent recruiting software. Answer the following questions: What were the rationale(s) for choosing these HRM technologies? When were these HRM technologies implemented? How do or have these HRM technologies integrate wi

Linking Strategy to HRM Practices

Imagine how "Well-designed HR systems can influence business results." Read Fast Company's article on SAS (http://www.fastcompany.com/magazine/21/sanity.html) and to the SAS website (http://www.sas.com/corporate/index.html) as well as the CBS "60 Minutes" website (http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2003/04/18/60minutes/main550102

How does culture and environment affect institutions and their management?

Cultural norms play a large part in the mechanics and interpersonal relationships at work. When you grow up in a culture you take your norms of behavior for granted. You don't have to think about your reactions, preferences, and feelings. When you step into a foreign culture, suddenly things seem different. You don't know what t

Forecasting - Bottleneck Resource Capacity

Please help answer the following question. Include references as part of the solution. What are the steps that could be taken at a bottleneck resource to increase its capacity?

BIMS Situation: Ballard Integrated Managed Services, Inc.

See the attached file. Present the BIMS situation as an overview: problem, purpose, research questions, and hypotheses. Ballard Integrated Managed Services, Inc., Part 1 Barbara Tucker looked out her sixth floor office window to view the sprawling campus of the Douglas Medical Center (DMC). Her employer, Ballard Integra

$100 Million Expenditure Plan

A group of doctors want to form a medical group for $100 million dollars, in any major city. How do you write a proposed $100 million expenditure plan, reflecting objectives including financial, legal and the alternative health care model? How do you do capital budgeting and strategic planning?

Designing a Formative Evaluation System

For a portion of my report I want to identify ways to come up with a system to rank employees perhaps from an "A to C" system. I want to make employees better with this system. Can you assist with the following question in 2 or 3 pages, listing references? Please provide in-text citations and notes for me to follow along, includ

Project Management Process Groups

The customer service department is going to play a major role in the upgrade, but not all members of the department are familiar with how projects like this are managed. Prepare a presentation to familiarize the customer service team with the project management process groups and the 9 knowledge areas. The purpose of your presen