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Individual Versus Group Incentives

Research a company or organization for which you would like to work focusing on its current base of employee pay.
*Compare and contrast the likely success of individual incentives, group incentives, and companywide incentives for improving employee performance.
*Referring to the same company, create an outline for an incentive pay program that would benefit employees and the company / organization. Provide specific examples to support your response.

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Individual versus Group Incentives

The company chosen for this paper is Hewlett Packard (HP). HP deals with a variety of products and services and the company deals with a wide range of customers across the world, mainly classified into home and home office, small and medium businesses, and large enterprise businesses (HP, 2012). Considering the three incentive pay categories, i.e. individual, groups and company-wide, the main aim is to compare these for the company.
Individual incentives are based on a variety of ...

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The chosen company here is HP. A complete discussion of the group versus individual incentives is discussed.