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Managed Care & Contractual Services Market Situation

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Examine at least two managed care plans from real life and their market situation. Using the two managed care plans selected, determine which one would be the optimal choice for a family vs. and individual. Why? Support your answer with a detailed response and analysis.

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The HMO is a managed care plan that has been utilized by a number of my employers over the years, and has been utilized in a market situation in which there has been a subsequent decrease in the number of jobs that are available to individuals, which makes it very difficult for many individuals to be able to afford healthcare from private physicians or healthcare organizations. This managed care plan allows an individual that is employed within an organization, owns a private business, or in some cases, private individuals, to be able to pay a very reasonable premium in order to be able to obtain the services of a number of physicians that belong to a particular group. This managed care plan offers ...

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