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    Letter of Application and Job Ad

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    I am required to write two letters, a Letter of Application and a Help Wanted Ad related to the first letter.

    ____ Your name, contact information (centered at top of page)
    ____ Date
    ____ Name & address of person/business you're applying to
    ____ Salutation left-justify
    [ Dear Mr. _________: ]
    ____ Attention getting opener
    ____ Body of letter blends employer's job ad requests with training/experience
    listed on student's resume
    ____ Strong closing requesting opportunity to interview
    ____ Closing left-justify
    [ Sincerely, (2 blank spaces for your signature), your name typed ]

    ____ COPY OF JOB AD must be submitted with letter of application

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    Dick Anderson,
    25, Clive Avenue,
    Jobtown, MN 07086
    [email address removed by system]

    Date: November, 9, 2012.
    Donald Big-boss,
    Needful Bank,
    96, Alice Road,
    Resume-town, MN 07056

    Dear Mr. Big-boss,
    I am applying for the position of LAN support staff advertised in the Minnesota News. As required, I am enclosing my resume, my qualification certificates, and four references.

    Your advertisement requires ...

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