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Form letter to unsuccessful job candidates

The dean's selection committee screened 85 applications for the position of dean of arts and sciences at your campus. After two rounds of eliminations, the top five candidates were invited to "airport interviews," in which the committee managed to meet with each candidate for an hour. Then the top three candidates were invited to the campus to meet with students, faculty, and administrators.

The committee recommended to the university president that the job be given to Constance Pappas, who has a doctorate in American studies and has been chairperson of the history department at Minneapolis Metropolitan College for the past three years. The president agreed and Dr. Pappas accepted the offer.

One final task remains before the work of the dean's selection committee is finished: Letters must be sent to the 84 unsuccessful candidates. The 4 who reached the "airport interview" stage will receive personal letters from the chairperson of the committee. Your job, as secretary of the committee, is to draft the form letter that will be sent to the other 80 applicants.

Your task: Draft a one page business letter of 100 to 200 words. All copies will be individually addressed to the recipients but will carry identical messages.

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This solution is a draft of a form letter to be sent to job candidates who failed to progress to the next stage of a job interview process.