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    Recruitment: 6 Tools to Finding the Best Employee

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    How should a company go about recruiting high-quality and fully qualified potential employees?

    What each of the six selection tools, as well as how and when these tools might be used to select from among several candidates for a job.

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    In an economy where unemployment is relative high, from a historical perspective, it is not uncommon for companies to receive hundreds - if not thousands, of applications for one job opening. The ability to attract high-quality employment candidates, and more importantly, screen through possible high volume, will depend on the selection tools utilized.

    The first tool is candidate self-evaluation. This is a popular online tool where the company can customize a "pre-screen" template in which candidates must answer questions to determine if their experience, education, training and even skill base are compatible with the position. There are several software programs for this purpose which also permit the company to indicate what an "automatic ...

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    This solution is about 450 words and explains six tools a company can utilize in order to find high quality job candidates whom are also qualified for the job. These tools include online avenues such as pre-qualification and application, supplemental questionnaire, pre-screening phone interview, in-person panel interview and finally, job task assessment. By using these tools, any company should be able to successfully navigate a high volume of job candidates and find "The One" for the job.