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    Recruitment and Retention: Hiring Strategies

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    Scenario: As the HR specialist of an organization, you will be hiring candidates to fill an open position.
    Address the following:
    1. Compare and contrast recruiting strategies you would use to attract potential candidates for a specific position based on the following industries: education, engineering, and business.
    2. Select the recruitment strategy you think will meet your goal of attracting the best candidate and explain your choice.
    3. For the candidate that you select, explain the process you would use in offering the job.

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    Industry: Education, College Level Environment
    Position: Writing Center Tutor

    Some University (SU) is in need of a part-time tutor to assist students in the Writing Center. Services provided include reviewing essays and research papers for grammatical or spelling errors, formatting issues and providing advice on if there is an appropriate level of supporting data for the topic. SU recently decided to expand tutoring services to students who attend night classes. Therefore, the hours will be Monday through Thursday, from 3:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. The ideal candidate will either be a current student, with at least an Associate-level degree, or a recent graduate; having majored in fields such as English, Writing, Journalism or even Education. The candidate must also be proficient with verbal communication, as they will be interacting with students. Customer service is important as well; to ensure students seeking out assistance at the Writing Center are happy with the help received. Personal attributes must include dependability, detail-oriented and ability to multi-task as volume of student help requests varies.

    As the Human Resource Specialist, I have defined the essential job functions and who my ideal candidate is. It is beneficial to either find a current student or recent graduate; one who is familiar with SU's academic procedures and writing customs typical of most Instructors. The best method of recruiting would be a targeted approach, such as utilizing SU's website and social media accounts (i.e. Facebook and Twitter). Notice would also be placed in all student publications, whether "hard copy" or electronic. I would place advertisements with Craig's List under Writing/Editing and Part-time. SU is fictitiously located in Orange County, CA. The Craig's List fee to post one job advertisement, within the two categories, is $50 (reference 1). As compared to ...

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    This solution is over 1,000 words and includes two references, clearly analyzing and providing several examples of how to recruit job candidates. The example utilized is hiring a part-time tutor at "Some University" to assist students in the Writing Center. This solution provides a "compare and constrast" of different recruitment strategies for this position, as well as which one should be chosen to attain the goal of hiring. Finally, the solution closes with how to go about offering the job.