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    How to Promote Diversity in the Police Department

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    Looking for 500-750 words total satisfying the below requirements to add to the overall depth of my paper. Please see the article attached below. Thanks!

    Read the report, Hiring and Retention of State and Local Law Enforcement Officers, 2008—Statistical Tables. Focus on the recruitment information in the report that directly discusses diversity and who police agencies try to recruit. How do you feel about their overall efforts in this area? Is enough being done to promote diversity in their departments? What ideas can you provide that you think would enhance the diversity of your local police department?

    Your paper should be 1500 to 1750 words. Cite your references using APA formatting.


    The U.S. Department of Justice's Office of Justice Programs' Bureau of Justice Statistics issued the following news release:

    Presents the results of a special survey administered to a nationally representative sample of agencies that participated in the 2008 Census of State and Local Law Enforcement Agencies. Approximately 3,000 general purpose agencies were sampled, including all agencies employing 100 or more full-time sworn officers and a systematic random sample of smaller agencies.

    Data are presented on the number and demographic characteristics of officers hired by or separated from state and local law enforcement agencies in 2008 and the number lost to military reserve call-ups. Other topics include agency hiring restrictions related to applicants' personal history, targeted minority recruitment efforts, methods used to reach potential recruits, incentives offered, strategies used to retain officers, and agency policies on overtime and outside employment. Tables in the report present summary statistics by agency size and type (local police department, sheriff's office, or state law enforcement agency).


    * From 1992 to 2008, the number of sworn personnel employed by general purpose agencies increased by 141,000, or 25%. In 2008, the agencies hired about 61,000 officers, but lost about 51,000 through resignations (54%), non-medical retirements (23%), dismissals (10%), probationary rejections (5%), and medical or disability retirements (5%).

    * In 2008, 19% of agencies employed about 7,500 full-time sworn personnel who were called to active military duty. These call-ups represented a decrease from 2003 when 23% of agencies had 11,400 officers called up.

    * More than a third (36%) of agencies targeted applicants who possessed prior law enforcement experience for sworn positions, including about half of agencies employing 100 or more officers. Smaller percentages of agencies targeted applicants who were military veterans (17%), multilingual (16%), or 4-year college graduates (14%).

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    The report shows that there were only 36% of the agencies who targeted applicants with previous law enforcement experience and a much smaller percentage of the agencies focused on a more diverse recruitment approach and were able to hire 17% military veterans, 16% multilingual, and 14% 4-year college graduates.
    The efforts are not enough to ensure a more diverse hiring procedure and there can be various creative strategies that can be implemented to promote diversity in the local police workforce.
    In an Executive Session Paper on Increasing Diversity in Police Departments (Kasdan, 2006), Kasdan suggests the following creative strategies to help in the recruitment and retention of a diverse police department workforce:
    1. Partnership and Collaborations. Every community has some kind of workforce development agency that facilitates training programs to help provide employment to their citizens. The police force can partner with these agencies, provide training and help applicants pass the physical abilities and other tests.

    The police department can also partner with ...

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