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    Human Resource Management/ Scenario- Diversity

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    Here is a scenario below how would you practice
    Implementing and Evaluating only

    This is what I have figured - I have to increase output by 100%. There is not a lot of information here, but here are a few indicators. Most of the employees are in manufacturing (65). The diversity of the workers does not match the market.

    Below shows what I have read .. but wanted explanation on how to input Implementing and Evaluating.

    You are a recent University graduate hired to create a Human Resource department and serve as the HR Director for the SMC Company, which manufactures ergonomic office equipment. SMC is located in a small midwestern town of 30,000 people with a current unemployment rate of 2.2%. The owner is committed to keeping the organization local. Several local companies have experienced recent labor organizing activities. The racial demographic makeup of SMC is 90% white, while the local labor market population is approximately 40% minority. The CEO and five directors are white males. The only female supervisor works in the customer service department. SMC employs 100 employees currently, but due to increased demand, output needs to be increased by 100%. All of the employees in manufacturing, customer service, and operations have a minimum of a high school education or GED. Skills training is provided by the company.

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    One of the striking elements of the human resource structure is the diversity of the workers as explained in the question itself. It seems that the company has a bias towards hiring white workers, even though there is a fairly large minority workforce in the region. Such disparity may be easily explained from the fact that the top management is comprised of white males. Further, there is little or none women employees in the organization. To analyze these issue, one needs to evaluate the productivity of the fairly large white population as compared to the small minority population in the ...

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    Human Resource Management/ Scenario- Diversity