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Cracks in a Thick Glass Ceiling - Women in Employment

In terms of general concepts...

1. Determine if and how the HRM practices align with a company's business strategy.

2. Discuss how hiring more women and promoting them could improve the competitive advantage of this company

3. Prepare a recruitment and retention plan for this company that specifically targets women employees

4. List three (3) potential obstacles that this company could face in its quest to diversify its workforce in this particular culture

5. Recommend two HRM strategies that this company could enforce to improve the visibility of its women employees

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Good day,

1. HRM should be seen as a strategic function that supports overall corporate goals and objectives, thus you would need to ensure that the HRM policies support this company's strategic goals. For instance if a company in the hospitality industry has a corporate or strategic objective of increasing market share by 20 percent over the next 5 years; then HRM policies that would align with such strategic objective may include:
- increased customer service training
- product knowledge training
- a compensation system designed to encourage stellar service perhaps through the use of perks that would encourage such performance.

2. Hiring more women in any workplace can serve to improve its competitive advantage. In general, increasing the diversity of one's workforce is always advantageous and it is no different with gender diversity.

Women tend to have better service skills, are better team players and can often play a better ...

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The expert examines cracks in a thick glass ceiling for women in employment.