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Human Resources Management

Workforce shift

Describe the workforce shifts in types of jobs during the past hundred years. What implications have these shifts created for today's human resource managers?

General Human Resources questions

1. What are gainsharing incentive plans? 2. Identify at least ten (10) characteristics that contribute to the success of some gainsharing plans. 3. Identify at least five (5) factors that contribute to the failure of some gainsharing plans.

Workplace Bullying

1. Based on your work experiences, what are some examples of bullying that you have observed by managers, supervisors, and/or co-workers. 2. What would you do as a human resource professional training others in regards to bullying to help eliminate the problem?

Southwest Airlines

Question 1 Are Southwest Airlines Inc. leadership and policies fulfilling Maslow's needs ' theory stages? Please apply Maslow's hierarchy of needs to work motivation at Southwest Airlines, showing how various levels are or are not being met by Southwest Airlines Leadership and Human Resources Management. (for example,

Human Resources

What is the business case for effective talent acquisition? Make your best argument to persuade senior management to put more time, effort, and energy into the hiring process. What are the costs and consequences of acquiring the wrong talent? What are some of the unique challenges faced by HR professionals in managing the

HRIS Functionality in the Next Generation

Predict what the next generation of HRIS functionality will be and how likely it will generate comparable reductions in cost as compared to the functionality that was developed due to Y2K. Formulate the factors that you would use in a cost-benefit ratio to support the decision to purchase the next generation HRIS. Provide specif

Hiring Process

Take the position of an entrepreneur who is starting a new retail business. Prepare a paper examining the legal and ethical considerations you would make during the hiring process. Additionally, consider the legal and ethical ramifications of mismanaging the staffing process.

Green Company Memo

Select a company that is considered green in the way it conducts its business. Write at least a memo that includes the following in order: -An introductory paragraph explaining the purpose of the paper and the upcoming sections. -A brief description of what defines a company as being green -An overview of the company you

Human resources practice questions

1. A non-exempt, private sector employee must receive overtime pay under the FLSA. He/she cannot take compensating time off at one and half times the number of hours in lieu of overtime pay. True False 2. Kevin is undergoing chemotherapy once a week on Fridays. Kevin has used up all of his personal days and sick leave for

Describing the Issues Facing Various USA Industries

Describe the nature and components of, and the issues currently facing, executive compensation in various U.S. industries. Executive compensation is usually meant to be competitive with other companies of the same caliber. Executive salaries are usually determined by a committee, which usually consists of the board of directo

You have just been hired to consult with a new client organization

You have just been hired to consult with a new client organization. This organization is similar to others for whom you have served in an HRM consulting role and experiences many of the same problems and situations that the other organizations have had. You have a wealth of knowledge about other organizations' HRM strategies. De

What are some tools that assist an HR professional in forecasting the demand and supply of human resource as part of the organization's business and functional planning processes?

Given that work in organizations is managed and done by people (human resources), every successful organization must spend time planning for its human resources needs. Before an organization can know what the need is, they must first have a clear idea of what work they need to have done... HR professionals must assess work t

Human Capital

What is the local labor market and its practices, work requirements, employment trends, salaries and related information in order to assist consumers with preparing, securing, and maintaining employment?

Human Resources challenges

What types of information do HR leaders need to know order to develop a strategic human resources plan and How do they go about getting it? What are the challenges in developing an HRP to support the organizational strategy and how do they overcome them?

Value of reviewing written and specific formatting styles

All students should answer the following discussion question and post the response to this thread in the Main forum by Wed, Apr 18, Week Four. To ensure substance the response should be at least 200 words or more in length each question. Integrate relevant course resources as appropriate. What is the value of reviewing writte

human resource challenges

What are some human resource challenges? How would a good human resources department meet these challenges?

human resource management questions

1 -The CEO of Mighty Telecommunications, Sharon Wentworth, meets with the new VP of HR, Thomas Brody. Sharon points out to Thomas that many administrative HR functions have been automated or outsourced in the last two years. She wants HR to bring more value to the business and asks Thomas to transform the HR department. She asks

Strategic HR Management for Healthcare Facility

Strategic HR Management. Assume you have been appointed the new VP of HR as of today. Healthcare facility (hospital). 1. Describe the unique challenges of managing the human resources function for your specific organization. 2. Analyze the competencies required for your specific position, & determine in which areas your need

Comparing the Wagner and Taft Hartley Act

1. Compare the Wagner Act and the Taft Hartley Act. What are the basic provisions of each and how do they differ in their purpose 2. Identify and describe the six factors that distort performance appraisals? 3. Jane White has just been hired by SSS Pharmaceutical Wholesaler. She has already been informed that an initial dr

This post addresses HR's seat at the big table.

We are having a briefing at work based on these questions. Many believe that from a strategic perspective, HR needs to have a seat at the big table in today's organizations. We have also seen that in many, (if not most) organizations, this is not where HR is configured. Many reasons have been cited for this. Describe and def

The subject is Human Resources Questions Workforce Score Card

1-What does it take to be successful in determining the return on investment (ROI) of HR proposals? It partially depends on the expert judgments of HR and line managers. They need to help you develop the numbers to calculate the probability of success or failure for particular investments. You can use colleagues, focus group

Designing Intervention to Increase Motivation and Flexibility

Case study 17.2 Design an intervention to increase the motivation and the flexibility of the work-force in a large dairy company. The new CEO and the director of HR of a large dairy company have sought your advice regarding the kind of intervention that might be effective in helping them involve employees in order to motivate

Strategic Human Resource Management

Develop a job / task analysis for an entry-level job in a customer service call center Prepare a two to three (2-3) page analysis in which you: 1. Locate several job descriptions that apply to the position you have selected from the list above. 2. Compare the common tasks and behavioral objectives contained within the jo