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    Restricted Resources

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    I need help with answering the following:

    - Provide an example of resources that are temporarily restricted as to (a) purpose, (b) time, and (c) occurence of a specific event.
    - Provide an example of permanently restricted resources.

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    1. Resources that are temporarily restricted to a specific purpose. The purpose is designated by the donor. For example the donor may designate a program or activity on which the resources must be spent. For example, the donor has supported a school building project. He might create a resource that funds the building of the school. Similarly, a resource may be restricted to a period of time. For example, a fund is provided by the donor that cannot be used for two year's time. The resource may be used later by the agency. Temporarily restricted resources that must be used only after the occurrence of an event can be spent only after the event takes place. Consider the school building project. There can be temporarily restricted resources that cannot be spent till the school building project is complete and the school commences teaching children. A ...

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