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    Fast Food Co: Inputs/ Outputs

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    Assume that you are the manager of the fast food company.What are the outputs of your work unit? (i.e excellent service,quality of food) and what are the inputs? What are the activities requires to produce those outputs?

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    The outputs of a fast food company include quality of food and customer service (speed, friendliness, responsiveness, and efficiency), completed orders, and profit for the company. The inputs are ingredients, labor, and a customer's order. Inputs are what are required to meet the desired results. The outputs are the desired results. In order to produce happy, satisfied customers specific tasks and procedures must take place. In the case of a fast food company, one must purchase the raw ingredients, ship them to the restaurant, and cook the product in a standardized fashion to ensure quality results. In addition, the food must be delivered hot to the customer in a friendly manner.

    Input: An order being placed
    Process: assuming ingredients are on hand and available (part of the earlier process), meal is prepared, money is collected
    Output: complete order

    By simplifying the steps initially one can then go back and ...

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    This solution assumes that you are the manager of the fast food company. It discusses the outputs of your work unit (i.e excellent service,quality of food) and the inputs. It also explains the activities required to produce those outputs. APA references are included.