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    Employee Orientation

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    Jessica Reyling, MSc (#110947)

    This book describes how to properly develop and implement a new employee orientation program (NEOP). Topics include: description of costs involved and complimentary cost savings techniques, ways to gear the program to meet your organization?s specific needs, best practices of a successful program, and how to engage and motivate new employees. New employee orientation is an organization?s first opportunity to show new employees they are welcome, appreciated, and secure. This ebook will give you the tips to lower employee turnover and raise morale while also creating a wonderful first impression sure to produce loyal employees.

    This book is ideal for business, management, and human resource students of all levels as well as professionals already in the field.

    An Introduction to Employee Orientation

    Beginning a new job should not be stressful. Exciting? Yes. Stressful? No! New employees must be given the tools to be successful and confident BEFORE beginning work on that very first day.

    A new employee orientation program takes away stress. It begins after the candidate for employment becomes an employee. Here is the trick; this official punch card for new employee orientation is marked before the employee attends his or her first working day. Constant contact and reassurance before new employee orientation molds the employees into confident, loyal workers who are excited to begin working.

    The story of my pre-orientation process experience at ABC Inc. (name changed for privacy purposes) is an example of what not to do. I attended an interview at ABC Inc. and was hired. I was told to attend new employee orientation two weeks later at 9am. I had no further interaction with the company. On orientation day I had no information regarding where to park, dress code, or even who to speak with upon entering. I was confused. Many other mishaps occurred the day of orientation and in the end I began my new position feeling as though I had been through a poorly organized boot camp. My morale was lacking and my confidence level was low, all before I was even able to sit at my new desk for the first time.

    While this example is on the extreme end of the spectrum, when one or all of these mistakes occur during a new employee s experience of orientation, the potential for future issues increases. This in turn creates high employee turnover and low employee morale. Dissatisfied employees affect the overall culture of an organization. Investing time and money in a proper new employee orientation program (NEOP) will help strengthen an organization s culture.


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