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    Human Resources Management

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    Salary Negotiation Role-Play

    Please help me answer and understand the below scenrio: Imagine that a job applicant has been offered a job as an HR officer at Z-firm. Both sides( the applicant and the hiring manager)need to negotiate the starting salary. Statistical data indicates that HR officer starting salaries are around $40,000. Z-firm, however, is hi

    Philosophy or Purpose of Human Resources

    What is your philosophy or what is the purpose of HR? What method or methods are used to train employees in your workplace or one you are familiar with? Is it effective? Explain improvements and offer suggestions you think will benefit the training program in that workplace.

    Deckers Outputs

    BACKGROUND Outputs are not complicated to understand. At the Organization level, they are the products and services that are provided to customers. (It can also be the value provided to owners, but we are not going to consider this here.) The primary way that a company measures its performance is financially: Sales, Profit, R

    Government and Response to Trends

    Analyze major public policy trends in the service area (in this case, CalWORKS Childcare). Include the following: Evaluate the ability of government to respond to trends. Evaluate the ability of government to respond to trends in administration of CalWORKS Childcare.

    Super Safe Security (SSS): Training and Development

    Summary You work for Super Safe Security (SSS) and it's your organization's job to make sure that attendees at different events are safe. For example, at the Classy Convention Center (CCC), you employ individuals to monitor metal detectors to make sure no one enters the center with weapons. Lately, there has been an increase in

    Human Resources Management

    Analyzing a Job assignment. Research websites that summarize compensation and benefit plans consistent with the job analysis chosen for the research. Examples of websites include but are not restricted to the following: â?¢ Society For Human Resource Management â?¢ Salary.com Write a proposal of no more

    Legitimate Justification for the Organization's Actions

    The issue of right and wrong has always been open to debate and scrutiny. In people's private lives, it is open to interpretation and is quite subjective. However, in the business world, there is not that individual definition of right and wrong, at least there should not be. Reflect back on your professional life and recall any

    Companies as Learning Organizations

    It is easy to see how there are isolated cases of successful training experiences. Some companies are ahead of the curve and some are just catching up. In your selected industry for study (Coffee Manufacturing), select two companies that you think have a successful program for developing leaders or might be in trouble. You decid

    Value Chain and Present Position

    Consider your present position (or past position) in a warehouse setting and draw a simple value chain to include both primary activities and support activities. Do you have any recommendations to make your value chain more efficient or effective?

    Organization development

    Organization development can be practiced in various types of organizations in both the private and public sectors. Historically, OD was mostly practiced on industrial and manufacturing organizations, but recent OD work has grown to include service organizations and unique settings that have a need for the disciplined and planne

    Hiring of employees

    â?¢ Your Learning Team will conduct training on recruiting and staffing to a group of new human resource management employees at a virtual organization assigned by the instructor. â?¢ Resource: Virtual Organization â?¢ Create a PowerPoint® presentation

    Creating a Job Posting for Your Small Business

    ** Please see the attached file for the complete problem description ** Creating a Job Posting for Your Small Business Interview a small-business owner within your community. Address the following questions in your interview: See attachment

    Human Resources-Teams-Enron

    The worst Team in History, Enron. In your opinion, what is the worst team in history? Who is part of this team? Describe the roles of team members. What did they do wrong? Did they do anything right? What makes this team the worst in history?

    Human Resources-Training and Development

    You have been asked to develop a training program for a segment of college admin assistants - - Executive Assistants. Let's assume that the learning outcomes for Executive Assistants are: ? Technology Knowledge (Microsoft Office, PeopleSoft, SharePoint, WebEx) ? Ability to process system requests (HR, B

    IT Resource Management Question

    Can someone give me a detailed example of how information technology is being used to meet strategic goals. Including a strategic goal, the types of entities that would have that goal and how information technology can be used to pursue that goal. Thanks! (approximately 150 - 200 words or so)

    Organization Development and Underlying Values

    How do the underlying values of organization development compare to the values underlying other types of change? Why do the values of organizational development make it particularly useful in shifting to a learning organization?

    What makes HRM activities strategic? Please provide an example of a strategic HRM goal and explain why it is strategic. (Provide an example that has not been mentioned yet by your classmates.) How does your organization decide whether or not HR activities and programs are benefiting your organization's business? As an HRM professional, how would you determine whether or not your efforts are worthwhile?

    What makes HRM activities strategic? Please provide an example of a strategic HRM goal and explain why it is strategic. (Provide an example that has not been mentioned yet by your classmates.) How does your organization decide whether or not HR activities and programs are benefiting your organization's business? As an HRM pro

    HR networking overseas

    How can you build an effective network in a new and far-off market? Will you stay with your HR peers or push into your business sector? Explore the possibilities for HR professionals to become more connected to their business networks outside of HR professional peer circles.

    Attracting the best talent globally

    Discuss the options for building a reputation for recruiting talent in a country that is not your home base. As an HR manager assigned to an overseas office, how could you promote your organization and establish the reputation of your company in this market? Think of the various activities involved in recruiting new employees fa

    Assessing a Situation

    Part 1 The new chief executive officer (CEO) of your company is a strong believer in the four functions of management theory. In preparation for a management meeting, he has asked you to write a report that he can use to explain the theory to his management team. In the report, he would like to see some specific examples of f

    Oakland General Strike

    1. Pick a strike that occurred in the U.S. sometime in the last 10 years. What do you think caused that strike? Make sure you point to specific evidence to support your claim. Now suggest how that strike illustrates a general explanation of strike occurrence. Describe what kinds of additional information or data you might need

    Employee Laws and Human Resource Practices

    Explain how different employment laws affect human resource practices? What are the four types of employee separation? Explain what is leadership? Explain Fiedler's contingency theory?