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The importance of conducting employee background checks

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(1) Why is it important to conduct employee background checks?
(2) What steps are taken to conduct background checks?

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The article review why employers conduct employee background checks before hiring an applicant. It is important to hire the correct employees because they represent the company. The employer cannot determine employees' attributes from an interview session. Therefore, it is essential for employers to perform background checks on employees to gather additional information on the applicants.

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(1) Why is it important to conduct background checks?

Employees are great assets to a company. They are the motivating force behind the company's production or services rendered. Also, they are representatives of the company therefore it is important to hire the correct employees. However, it is difficult for employers to determine employees' attributes from an interview session. For this reason, employers perform background checks on employees to make certain that they are honest, responsible and reliable.

Most employers are aware that a potential employee often provides false or misleading information on the job application. In many instances, an ...

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