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Should Employee Background Checks by Legal?

Do you think employers have a right to check into applicants' backgrounds?

- Even if there is no suspicion of misbehavior?
- Even if the job poses no security or sensitive risks?
- Even if the background check includes driving offenses and credit histories?
- Why or why not?

Research some of the regulations that numerous states and the federal government are enacting to restrict some of these practices. Discuss policies that should be in place.

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I think that employers have a right to check backgrounds based on the nature of the work. If I am obtaining work at a grocery store as a grocery store bagger, where I would never be around money, I don't think there is justification for a background check. However, if I am a cashier or work in the cash room, there would be justification to determine if my past includes any criminal/money related offenses. The same would hold true for many positions, including those involving large amounts of cash, investment or bank work, security work, and when working with children. There is definitely a right from the employer to check the employee's ...

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This solution discusses employee background checks and if such checks should be considered legal. I discuss all aspects included in the student's question regarding background checks and the involvement of federal and state government.