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    Employee Handbook: Legal, ethical considerations in performance evaluation section

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    Create a representation of actual sections of an employee handbook: Note. The handbook must be original student content and work.

    In addition to describing the company to which the employee handbook? applies, also address the issues of privacy, employee or applicant testing, and performance evaluations in the global workplace. This assignment must include, but is not limited to, the consideration of the following questions in drafting your handbook sections:

    - The company is called Computech and it offers IT services.

    Please answer the following questions. Please cite and use references.

    - What legal considerations must be made as you design your performance evaluation section?

    - What ethical considerations must be included in your determinations as to the design of the performance evaluation section?

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    Computech IT Services Employee Handbook

    This employee handbook is to be distributed to each new employee, upon hire, by the Human Resource Department of Computech. Employees are expected to learn and understand the operations and functions of Computech, as well as their roles and responsibilities as IT professionals with the company. Employees must also understand their legal rights, associated with employment at Computech, which are applicable for the length of their employment. Any updates to policies or procedures within Computech or within the IT department itself, will be promptly distributed to employees, as addendums or revisions to their current handbook. Receipt of this handbook requires signature of receipt by each employee and will be considered an acknowledgement that the employee understands and will abide by the policies and procedures of the IT department and Computech.

    Legal Considerations

    Anti-discrimination Practices

    Because Computech operates in a global environment, it is crucial that all employees such as human resource and hiring personnel conduct potential applicant screening and hiring processes with a view that not only embraces diversity, but encourages those of various cultural, ethnic and religious backgrounds to seek employment. In addition, as a U.S. based
    organization, Computech must conduct hiring and applicant screening processes, in accordance with ADEA (Age Discrimination in Employment Act), Title VII of the Civil Rights Act 1964 and ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act). Further, Computech cannot discriminate against applicants based on pregnancy status, as addressed by PDA (Pregnancy Discrimination Act). All IT employees of Computech will be provided the same amount of pay, for the same position
    within the department, regardless of gender, according to the Equal Pay Act of 1963. However, wages will be adjusted to reflect the equivalent currency for those employees working in locations outside the U.S.

    Global managers and executives must make every effort the acknowledge the religious Observances or holidays of employees from all religious backgrounds and must not discriminate against or impose any sanctions on an employee for observing a specific religious practice or for not observing a particular practice.

    Sexual Harassment ...

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    The legal and ethical considerations which must be considered during the design are determined.