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Legal and Ethical // opinion required

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The company you work for is considering changing its appraisal system. Your supervisor has asked you to address the following in a document that will be sent to other managers within the organization.

Write a short essay discussing some of the legal and ethical considerations in testing. Given these considerations, which appraisal system do you believe may be the most legitimate form of appraisal? Remember to compare and contrast appraisal systems specifically to demonstrate how the methodologies you have not selected may have more negative ethical and legal consequences than the one you have selected.

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The question wants you to give some legal and ethical issues that are relevant to personal appraisal system. The question does not mention why the company wants to change its system nor does it mention what system is there currently in place. So we need to give an entirely new system. The first sentence of the second paragraph mentions testing. However, the appraisal itself is a test and the entire year's work is being tested so there cannot be a separate 'test' for the employees at the time of their appraisal! It would be illegal as well as unethical! Further the question wants you to propose an appraisal system and give its pros in relation to other systems of evaluation.
<br>There are some assumptions, which the question makes. The company presupposes that there are some overriding ethical and legal issues that should be considered. There is no evidence to support this. Every state and every country has different legal and ethical standards that directly relate to appraisals and these are in fact different. Also these legal issues differ from company to company because every company has a different contract with its employees.
<br>Legal considerations in performance appraisal system:
<br>1. The system is under stood by employees and is similar for the same class of employees. That is there cannot be one set of appraisal forms for one programmer and another set of appraisal forms for another employee.
<br>2. The person(s) carrying out the appraisal should have ...

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