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    Your firm is hiring a new marketing manager

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    Your firm is hiring a new marketing manager. You and one of the other senior managers have been interviewing candidates.

    A candidate just completed the interview process and has the following skills, background and characteristics:

    Hispanic Woman
    Masters Degree in Marketing
    Extensive and positive references
    Worked in a similar position with a competitor for the past 20 years
    You are very pleased with this candidate and feel she meets and exceeds all the requirements for the position. Your co-worker, the other manager, disagrees and rejects the candidate. When you ask "why," he refuses to provide specific rationale and only states that he does not think this person is a good fit and that the search should continue. You repeatedly press the issue to find out why; however, your fellow manager will not divulge or discuss any of his rationale and simply repeats he does not think this candidate is a good fit.

    Your goal for this paper is to provide analysis and be persuasive.

    Based on your review of this situation answer each of the following questions in your paper:

    Which type(s) of heuristic(s) may be present in formulating your co-workers opinion? Explain how you came to your conclusions (support your findings).
    Are there possible legal and ethical implications that can result from making a hiring decision based on your co-workers opinion?
    After your analysis for parts 1 & 2 (above) what would you say to your co-worker and what would you need to tell him to persuade and convince him that this person is right for the job and should be hired? Your goal here is to "persuade."

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    The paper discusses about the different facts and characteristics of a particular situation. In this paper, the analysis has been made to find out the reason and cause behind the rejection of the Hispanic woman in the interview, who applied for the post of marketing manager. Various ethical and legal implications regarding the situation are discussed in the paper. At last, the paper explicates the findings and suggestions in order to select the person (Luthans, 2004).

    Heuristic Behavior

    It is concluded that the situation involves the stereotype behavior. Hispanic woman was rejected in spite of having required knowledge and skills for the job. The manager who rejected the person was not ready to discuss or explain the reason behind her rejection. There was no strong reason to reject her, as she was well experienced and qualified candidate and meet all the required skills to get the post of marketing manager in the organization (Luthans, 2004).

    There are various heuristic rules present in the formulation of co-workers' opinion. The given situation is the case of a Hispanic woman. She had the essential requirements for the post but the manager of the company rejected and declared her unfit for the job. This may be an example of discrimination on the sex or race. The behavior ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 887 Words, APA References